Star Wars Rebels: “Through Imperial Eyes” Season 3 Episode 15 Review

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Star Wars Rebels is on quite the streak! “Through Imperial Eyes” is another excellent use of time in a season that was previously meandering. Diving deep into Agent Kallus’ role in the Empire, and the role he now plays in the growing Rebellion, the episode managed to build tension in season three’s overall arc while paying specific attention to character.

Since season two’s “The Honorable Ones,” there’s been no doubt in our minds that Kallus would turn on the Empire, which has made the slow burn of this turn a bit frustrating as its been rolled out to us in season three. “Through Imperial Eyes” is refreshingly surprising, taking a unique angle on what could have been a pretty straight-forward episode. But framing the events from Kallus’ perspective as different members of the Ghost crew started showing up was an excellent way to keep the energy moving. There’s a genuine excitement when an intentionally captured Ezra tells Kallus that they’re busting him out of there. But is this new Fulcrum even ready to leave?

With Thrawn inbound, the episode only ups the tension. “Through Imperial Eyes” might be the scariest the Grand Admiral has ever been. Enlisting the help of Admiral Yularen (yes, that Yularen Clone Wars fans), Thrawn hopes to fish out the Rebel traitor working in his midst once and for all. But Kallus is smart, stealing another admiral’s clearance key and having Ezra impersonate him. The goal now is to erase the true location of the Rebel base from Thrawn’s narrowing map. The tension is perfectly played up, with Thrawn entering his office just at the wrong time, with Ezra stuck inside. He manages to escape only with Kallus’ help.

The escape was well done as well, with two admirals fighting in thinking that each other is the traitor, with neither suspecting Kallus. With his cover safe a secure, Kallus chooses to stay behind and keep gaining intel from the Empire, which is the most disappointing aspect of the episode. The energy Rebels created when Ezra said it was finally time to break their spy out was electric, only to be squashed and for the status quo to remain largely the same. That is, until Thrawn reveals to Yularen that Kallus has revealed himself as their traitor. Kallus thinks he can do more good from the Empire, to which Thrawn disturbingly agrees. A climax to this arc is surely on its way, even if “Through Imperial Eyes” could have packed slightly more of a punch with its ending. But with just four episodes left, this episode wonderfully ramps up the tension as we barrel toward the inevitable battle to come. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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