Star Wars Rebels: “Vision of Hope” Season 1 Episode 11 Review

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Star Wars Rebels is officially wheel-spinning. After the Lando-centric tangent that was “Idiot’s Array,” “Vision of Hope” went in a complete circle, doing little to advance of the overall story forward.

What’s even worse is that this episode teased a larger Rebellion, but then quickly nixed the idea in favor of a cheap twist. And for what? “Hope” apparently.

In the middle of training, Ezra gets a vision of the future, seeing the crew of the Ghost working with Senator Trayvis, the voice behind those secret messages the Ghost has been receiving. Considering the reveal that Trayvis is working for the Empire, the visions were only a way to show that Ezra still has a lot of growing to do before he becomes a Jedi. As if we didn’t know that already.

However, the more powerful Ezra grows, the more of a mystery he becomes in the grand scheme of things. I doubt Rebels is going to ignore the fact that this band of heroes isn’t present in the original Star Wars trilogy, and it’s been said that Rebels will have ties to Episode VII and other future movies. So is Rebels the fun side-story it wants you to think it is, or will there be deeper, and potentially darker implications on where this franchise is going? The closer Ezra gets to being a full-fledged Force-wielder, the more mysterious Rebels becomes.

But that’s the future, and these seeds being planted doesn’t change the fact that “Vision of Hope” was a bore. After Ezra’s vision, the crew meets up with Trayvis, rescues him from Agent Kallus, and fights their way through the sewers. The senator reveals himself a traitor, which Hera apparently already knew, and they knock him out before escaping. Kanan tells Ezra he has more growing to do, but is a fine student. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve seen it all before.

So we’ve hit something of a mid-season lull. Two rough episodes in a row is hardly something to worry about, three might be though. So let’s hope that what comes next gets Rebels back on track to finish the season strong. Grade: C

Lost Transmissions from the Outer Rim:

– The best part of the episode was obviously when Ezra and Kanan stood back-to-back and ignited their lightsabers together for the first time. So good to see the sight of a master and his apprentice fighting side-by-side again.

– Hera has gotten a lot of great field work in these past two episodes, so I guess they’re good for something.

– For the love of midi-chlorians, can we PLEASE get off of Lothal already?! I miss Clone Wars where we’d visit multiple planets in a single episode.

– Fulcrum got another mention this week. Their identity is starting to give me anxiety because I only want them to be Ahsoka. That’s a reveal that would really spice Rebels up!

– The next episode is titled “Call to Action” and it freaking better be.


By Matt Dougherty

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