Star Wars Rebels: “Visions and Voices” Season 3 Episode 10 Review

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Man, Rebels fans who haven’t seen any of The Clone Wars certainly got taken on a weird, unfamiliar journey this week. Witches, spells, potions, and possessions were a big part of “Visions and Voices” as Maul returned to Dathomir and turned to his deceased kin for answers. The Nightsisters’ introduction on Clone Wars marked a significant jump in quality for the series as whole, just as they help this season of Rebels get back on track. Sure, this episode’s main goal is to clarify the visions Ezra and Maul had back in “Holocrons of Fate,” something that absolutely could have happened in that same episode. But that doesn’t make the developments in “Visions and Voices” any less exciting.

When Ezra starts having invasive visions of Maul, to the point where he’s chasing a ghost around the Rebels’ base, Kanan takes him to Bendu for answers. That’s when Maul actually shows up, having gained knowledge of the Rebel base from Ezra’s mind when they were connected to the holocrons. Now he’s there to use Ezra again to find the location of one Obi Wan Kenobi. Ezra only agrees to go in hopes of finding the secrets to destroying the Sith.

Upon arriving on Dathomir, it was fascinating to see how Rebels played with Maul’s backstory. In this brief tour of his homeworld, Maul tells Ezra how his people were slaughtered. Sam Witwer deserves a lot of credit for this episode, where he manages to imbed Maul with a need for sympathy. Rebels succeeds Clone Wars in continuing to deepen Maul as a villain, putting on layers of complexity that only the best Star Wars villains sport. Just listen to the way he borderline begs Ezra to join him so they can be “brothers.” As cruel as Maul could be to Savage Opress, his brother from Clone Wars, there was a genuine companionship they shared in their goal to conquer, uh, everything. When Savage was killed, Maul wasn’t merely annoyed that his partner had died, he was grieving a brother, fighting for his life and for revenge against Darth Sidious on Mandalore. Now he’s trying to find that companionship again in Ezra. There’s something genuinely sad about Maul’s loneliness, knowing the closest he ever really was to having someone were his master, Sidious, and his fallen apprentice, Savage. Brief blips in time where Maul’s anger and hate were shared with another. Where he wasn’t alone.

You can tell Ezra isn’t as against the idea of joining Maul as Kanan wants him to be. There’s a chance that, had Kanan and Sabine not been in serious peril, he might’ve gotten on the ship with him. But alas, Nightsister ghosts possess Ezra’s teammates after he and Maul gain clarity on their visions by drinking a potion (you know how it is, couple of drinks, then your friends are stumbling all over the place trying to kill you because they’re possessed). Ezra manages to save his friends while Maul scurries away in his ship. But what the visions revealed is key to the rest of the season (but probably just the finale based on Rebels‘ track record). They see a planet with twin suns, and Obi Wan Kenobi. We hear Maul mutter “It ends where it began,” meaning he knows it’s Tatooine. Kanan and Ezra, however, do not. But the idea that Obi Wan holds the key to destroying the Sith is neat. He does train Luke, the Jedi who will eventually pull his father back into the light, destroying Darth Sidious and thus the Empire. Obi Wan’s role is crucial, and the fact that Kanan and Ezra are going to see him means that their roles are crucial as well. Where this ends up going is anyone’s guess. But I’m excited about Rebels again. Grade: B+

Some Other Notes:

  • How about that shrine to Duchess Satine? It appears Maul views this as his greatest victory. Creepy.
  • Sabine has the dark saber Pre Vizsla wielded in Clone Wars. She even appears to recognize it. Is this a clue that the former leader of Death Watch is her father?
  • I really hope more than just Kanan and Ezra get to meet Obi Wan. Sabine likely has family ties he’ll be able to comment on. And then there’s Rex. I’m growing emotional just thinking about it. He has to find out what happened to Ahsoka…
  • So this is the last episode of 2016, and once again, we’re sending off with a new Star Wars movie on the horizon. See you on the other side of Rogue One fellow Star Wars fans. We’ll have a review up Thursday night, hopefully a very positive one.

By Matt Dougherty

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