Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Necessary Bond Review

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The Clone Wars ended with one of the best episodes of the season yet, and a strong conclusion to the younglings’ story.

Without taking a breath from last week’s conclusion, A Necessary Bond started out with a bang as Ahsoka and the younglings escaped from the pirates with them hot on their tale. It was a merry chase involving some stunning high flying visuals, especially when the ship dropped in to ┬ásave the younglings.

But then General Grievous appeared on the planet. I wish we had gotten some kind of segue between his solo escape last week to his appearance with a full droid army here.

Still though, Grievous put the young Jedi and the pirates in a touch situation. Hondo had some great moments as the two groups were forced to work together. I loved how he egged on the only youngling to not complete her lightaber. Even better was his reluctance to put the children into battle. Ahsoka smartly noted that he had no problem with it when he attacked the ship. “Today is a new day!” Got to love Hondo.

Their escape was an even better chase than the one in the beginning. Hondo naturally tried to escape without the Jedi, but a youngling appealed to his lighter side and he stayed behind to pick them up…IN BOBA FETT’S SHIP! If it is actually his, I hope to see him take it back from Hondo in the future. If not, it was a nice callback.

Grievous caught up to the Jedi, who touchingly banded together against the droid general. But of course Ahsoka couldn’t let them do that! So we got a great duel between her and the villain. It was a reminder of how Ahsoka had been overpowered by Grievous a few seasons ago, and that the writers have to do something with her before this show ends.

A Necessary Bond was a climactic, action-packed conclusion to this great arc. This story felt very Star Wars, as in old trilogy Star Wars, and that is a triumph considering the more kid-friendly material. This final entry had a few minor storytelling blips, but ultimately ended up being the best of the four. Grade: A-

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