Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Sunny Day in the Void Review

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After last week’s episode proved to be one of the series’ worst, the same arc continued and once again floundered hopelessly.

WAC and Colonel Gascon are going to tear this season down before it even has a chance to really get rolling. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again, these guys are the worst Star Wars characters since Jar Jar Binks. Their dialogue. Their voice acting. Their obvious character flaws.

A Sunny Day in the Void started with a solid action sequence of the droids’ ship coming out of hyperdrive with an endless sea of comets. The animation here was gorgeous and R2-D2 had some cool moments fixing the ship.

But then the whole gang crash landed in the middle of an endless desert, and it just got worse from there.

I’m all for Wall-E type endeavors, especially with R2-D2, but when your only talking characters are WAC and Gascon it’s hard to imagine anything but them dying repeatedly. Maybe this could be a perfect re-entry point for Darth Maul and Savage Opress? Just imagine, the brothers come down, seemingly out of nowhere, and cut them both in half!

I have a feeling that is nothing more than a mirage in this desert of badness.

The droids and the colonel travel through the desert aimlessly. That was the rest of the episode.

For the climax, R2-D2 and the other “mechs” left WAC and Gascon to fend for themselves. Gascon started begging for death, and me along with him.

In the end they reunited and found a town, but the episode ended before we could see anything remotely interesting.

And now here we are. Halfway through season five. Less than half the episodes being worth much of anything. Clone Wars appears to have gone downhill.

On another note, this is the last episode until January. The first episode when it returns is the 100t episode milestone. Too bad it will likely be spent in this empty void of a plot. Grade: D

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