Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Test of Strength Review

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Clone Wars continued its young Jedi arc with an episode that focused a bit more on action and set up next week perfectly.

The most important thing to know about this arc is that by its very nature it has limits. Last season, when Ahsoka was in trouble she decapitated four members of the Death Watch in one incredible, crushing blow. That can’t happen here because of the kids, but that doesn’t mean this story has to be any less interesting.

I loved the robot instructing the younglings on how to build their lightsabers. It really reminded me of Ollivander’s wand shop from Harry Potter, which is such an important aspect of how Harry becomes the hero he was. The same goes for these younglings. As Obi Wan told Anakin in Attack of the Clones, “this weapon is your life”.

Hondo seems to be a favorite for the writers this season. This time he showed up as a villain, a good reminder that he plays both sides and is only out for himself. Even better was that Ahsoka called him out on it, reminding him of the help he provided on Onderon. But Hondo is a perfect villain for a younger audience.

The boarding of the ship was a nice callback to A New Hope. Then the action started. The younglings fought where they could but these pirates are quite a handful. Even R2-D2 gets in on the fight briefly in his first scene of the season (with hopefully way more to come).

But it is Ahsoka who provides the biggest thrills. Seeing how far she has come since the beginning of the series is fantastic. As a mentor she has a whole new responsibility and it’s great seeing her so comfortable with it. The fight with the pirates was cool and escalated to a whole new level with the airlock being deployed. Seeing her hop around and use the circumstances to her advantage was great. Still though, it proved too much.

The cliffhanger is a good set up for next week as I genuinely cannot wait to see the younglings try to save Ahsoka. This could turn out to be a standout arc for the series, despite it being aimed at a younger audience. Grade: B+

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