Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Bound for Rescue Review

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The younglings’ story got darker this week as General Grievous entered the mix.

Bound for Rescue was a busy episode that introduced some new elements to this fun story arc. Just as Obi Wan is preparing to rescue Ahsoka from Hondo’s pirate clutches, the Separatists and their wheezing robot leader attack.

What followed was one of the best space battles this show has delivered yet. Reminiscent of the curtain opener to Revenge of the Sith, it was a massive war zone. It was neat seeing how the droids board Republic ships. Grievous was given some extra villainy in this episode as he grabbed a clone with the metallic claw that is his foot, swung him around to hit other clones, then delivered a crunch of a final blow. “You’re going to regret that,” Obi Wan replied before engaging him.

It was smart keeping Obi Wan and Grievous’ duel short since we have already seen their climactic battle in Revenge of the Sith. In the end, everyone wound up in escape pods headed for Florrum as Obi Wan destroyed the ship.

Meanwhile, on the ground of the said planet, the younglings plotted to save Ahsoka from the pirates, but not before putting together some lightsabers. A special not goes out to Gunji, the young Wookie who’s lightsaber is partially made out of wood and is possibly the coolest one ever conceived.

Their idea to save their teacher was one of the few moments in this arc that felt, well, childish. Pretending to be a circus act? I know that the Clone Wars writers can do better. It felt like a different show (Avatar: The Last Airbender came to mind, which I love, but this show could never strike that tone).

At least we got a few funny moments with Hondo being drunk and a cool escape with Ahsoka and all the younglings blocking lasers with their lightsabers. I won’t mention that even more childish scene with Hondo after the action settled down (even though I just did).

But this episode was still mostly very good. It featured a ton of cool action scenes and possibly the best lightsaber ever created in the history of Star Wars (Gunji FTW!). The more childish moments may have reflected an earlier, lighter season of this show, but that doesn’t make this story arc any less compelling. Grade: B+


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