‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Bounty’ Review

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Okay, that was awesome. When I write my reviews of Clone Wars I try to be as objective as possible and look at it as a TV show and not just Star Wars. But Bounty tested me in that regard as it brought together an amazing cast of characters and told one of the best stories this show has ever ventured to tell (I am so totally geeking out right now!).

The pacing tonight was fantastic from the start all the way to the climactic ending. Bounty started by marking Clone Wars‘ first trip to Tatooine since the movie that was released in theaters back in 2008. I loved that Ventress walked into the cantina we all know and love from A New Hope. I loved the dark parallels to Obi Wan and Luke’s visit the very first time the world was introduced to Star Wars. When bugged by someone at the bar, she nonchalantly and ruthlessly stabbed them, far different from when Obi Wan did so to protect Luke. Instead of Chewbacca taking notice, we had the bounty hunter known as Bossk. Amazingly, from here the episode only got better.

Bossk wanted Ventress for a job, since she killed the man they hired. He took her to his leader, none other than Boba Fett himself. Boba has grown since his season two arc, taking matters into his own hands rather than relying on Aurra Sing. Ventress decided to join them on the mission and the bounty hunters took off to retrieve some “cargo” from a speeding train.

The action was incredible and gorgeously animated as the ninja-like warriors disrupted their mission. Eventually, the team was down to Boba and Ventress, who then discovered the true nature of the cargo–it was a living being that the warriors were trying to rescue.

During the confrontation between the warriors’ leader, Ventress, and Boba, we saw a lighter side to both of the villains. Boba insisted on keeping them alive, while Ventress felt sympathy for the captured girl who had been taken away from her entire family. Ventress confronted Boba and got the money, then evenly split it between the team. Could Ventress be turning over a new leaf? It sure seems like it, which worries me for these last two episodes. Ventress isn’t present in Revenge of the Sith for a reason. I suspect that Clone Wars may kill her off in the finale, but we’ll see.

Bounty was a brilliant episode full of exciting action and recognizable things from the classic trilogy. But what made this episode so incredible was the development of Asajj Ventress from a full fledged villain to an anti-hero of sorts. Next week is Darth Maul folks, Clone Wars looks to be ending season four with some of the most exciting stuff the series has ever seen! (9.5/10)

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