‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Brothers’ Review: How Was Darth Maul’s Return?

This episode would have worked a lot better had Cartoon Network and the creators of the show never told us that Darth Maul was in fact alive. But marketing issues aside, this was a satisfying, although uneven way to bring the former Sith Lord back from the dead.

The episode started with a number of characters sensing the evil that is coming. First we got Dooku, then Ventress, and finally Anakin. But seeing none of them right after made this feel pointless. Then we finally got the return of Savage Opress as he continued his quest to find his brother, which sadly took up most of the episode.

My first issues here was that the “dust” that was a “clue” was never explained and just poorly written all the way through. Once Savage reached the planet his clues led him to, things started to look up. I actually liked the snake-like creature who served as his guide. In a way, it reminded me of the nonsensical Yoda that Luke first meets in Empire Strikes Back. But this led to my second problem, the completely pointless and tension free action sequence half way through the episode. There was never a doubt that they were in any real danger nor any build up to it. Sure, it served as a reminder that Savage is awesome, which then makes me question how smart it was for the snake to betray him.

But that served as a catalyst to finding his brother, which was, of course, the best part of the episode. Clone Wars‘s take on Maul is that of a broken man, both physically and mentally. Maul sports spider-like robotic legs to maneuver around and has completely lost his mind. The sight of his brother brings on the memories of how he ended up like this.

The final scene of the episode had Obi Wan talking to Yoda about the danger that has arisen. This scene should have been at the beginning with more scenes of Obi Wan’s take on the situation sprinkled throughout to break up Savage’s long quest.

Brothers, perhaps the most anticipated episode of Clone Wars of all time, was a bit of a letdown. We barely got five minutes of Darth Maul. It serves as set-up for next week mostly, which I admit, looks incredibly awesome. But as a single episode, Brothers was surprisingly weak. (6.5/10)

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  1. matt says:

    yeah i agree this episode was a a little bit of a let down. the reason i say this was because it just seemed fragmented. I say that in the sense that i was lucky enough to attend the free movie screening arc when when savage first came on the scene and when the episodes are combined in to one makes them so much better than seeing them broken in half. all the promo’s from cartoon network led me to think it was a two part finale which it turned out not be so that kind of messed it up as well as viewing the preview for next week thats where a bulk of the action will be.

  2. 34534534 says:

    the reason why the dust was a clue did bother me a bit, thoguh i am more of a mystical thinker. if i were to say any reason to it, it is likely working as a dousing. dousing can, in a mystical setting, be used to track down people and objects. likely it was supposed to be that the amulet glowed when it came into contact with anything that maul himself made contact with. think of it as kinda like tracking an energy signature.
    though they should have explained that i guess. anyway, i liked what i saw. the body was especially awesome. it has some symbolism to it, in a sense of overcompensation. the spider body was obviously made and animated by the force, the many legs likely showing his desire to regain what he has lost.
    actually the fact he even survived that injury without access to medical instruments nor surgery is in fact because of his powers. the force, in extended materials, has shown that the dark side users can sustain a broken, mutilated body if their will and hate is strong enough.

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