‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Crisis on Naboo’ Review

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The build up to this episode has been pretty good but not the strongest episodes of the season. The conclusion of this arc was more of the same, as it didn’t necessarily prove as exciting as a lot of other storylines we have seen, but it had some great aspects to it that show signs of the future.

Crisis on Naboo started with the team of bounty hunters getting instructions for their plan to kidnap the chancellor. Obi Wan was finally able to regain contact with the Jedi Order and tell them what was going on. This meant that the security surrounding Palpatine was pretty heavy when the attack happened. While Cad Bane’s plan was effective, it was rather boring. The way it was executed did nothing to make an exciting action sequence.

Immediately after Bane’s success, we got an extremely anti-climactic showdown between him and the disguised Kenobi. After three and a half episodes of build up, I expect more from the writers of this show, especially after seeing Carnage of Krell. But no, most of Crisis on Naboo was extremely boring up until its final minutes when we got some great Episode III set up.

Once Palpatine was safe, Obi Wan tried to reconcile with Anakin. I loved that Anakin is starting to feel distrust with the Jedi, including his mentor. Know what I loved more though? The expressions on Palpatine’s face as Anakin and Dooku faced off and Anakin kept getting angrier and angrier.

Clone Wars is more than half way over and that means that it is time to set up Revenge of the Sith, and this arc did a great job of that. Even though this arc was a tad disappointing, mostly because of this episode, I can’t help but feel that this wonderful cartoon is getting closer to its end, and they know it. Season four only has four episodes left, including the much-hyped return of Darth Maul. It’s a good time to be a Star Wars fan again. (7/10)


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