‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Deception’ Review

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Long gone are the times of single, stand-alone episodes on Clone Wars. The newest arc sees Obi Wan in disguise as a bounty hunter to figure out the plans of Morallo Eval and Cad Bane. Deception was the first of four episodes in this new storyline.

The episode started out pretty shaky I must admit as we witnessed Obi Wan gunned down by a sniper in front of Anakin and Ahsoka. This was a rough start because the show tried a bit too hard to get emotion out of its audience even though Obi Wan is alive and well in the other movies that come after this series chronologically.

But after that, Deception was full of awesome moments that would leave any Star Wars fan excited for what is to come. Once we were shown that Obi Wan’s fake assassination was orchestrated by Mace Windu and Yoda, the episode kicked into high gear as we found out that Obi Wan would take on the appearance of his killer and go undercover in a Republic prison.

Several brief moments really sold this episode while Obi Wan tried to get in on Eval and Bane’s plan. One of them was the fact that while reporting to Mace Windu and Yoda from the inside, Obi Wan referred to himself as Ben, his name in A New Hope. Another was when Cad Bane sent young Boba Fett to fight Obi Wan, therefore starting a riot and allowing their escape.

The climax was action heavy as Obi Wan joined the two bounty hunters during the break-out. The dark moment where Obi Wan had to kill a man in the morgue and hesitated before Cad Bane could ruthlessly kill him left me feeling that Obi Wan’s cover would fail eventually.

Deception was a great beginning to this four part story and I can’t wait to see how the rest of it plays out. (8.5/10)


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