Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Eminence Review

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Well now that’s more like it. With the return of Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress, the dark nature that presides over only the best episodes of Clone Wars has reinstated itself.

Seen for the first time since the season premiere, we pick up with Maul and Savage right where we left off, the deep nothingness of outer space.

They are then found by the Death Watch, a Jedi hating terrorist group that sport the Mandalorian armor fans recognize as the same as Jango and Boba Fett from the films. Sure, the coincidence here is a tad overbearing, but nothing can take away from the fact that we aren’t forced to watch WAC and Gascon anymore.

Death Watch’s leader, Pre Viszla, once again voiced by Jon Favreau, repairs the damages done to the Sith in the premiere and forms an alliance to reclaim Mandalore.

It’s impossible not to gush a bit on how the series handles Darth Maul. A cool yet useless villain from the franchise’s worst film, the Clone Wars writers have resurrected him as an even cooler foe. His calm nature and the striking cleverness of his plans never fails to make him interesting to watch, especially since it wasn’t too long ago he was screaming nonsense to his legless self alone in a cave.

And what a plan it is. Maul knows Death Watch will not be enough to conquer Mandalore. First, he travels to the infamous Mustafar (oh yes fans, the site of the climactic duel between Anakin and Obi Wan in the third prequel) to bring the Black Sun to his side, meaning he executed their leaders and forced it upon them.

Then they were joined by black market dealers from Coruscant, who have no intentions of opposing the Sith’s vision.

But the climax of Eminence gave fans a real treat as Maul bargained with Jabba the Hutt for more men and supplies. Starting with an attack from bounty hunters, it was a smart move on the writer’s part not to make Maul’s journey an easy one. There is an uncomfortable sympathy that comes with Maul that makes you root for him.

The army then travels to Tatooine to bargain with Jabba in the flesh at his palace. Seeing how quickly the gangster succumbed to the Sith’s wishes reinstilled the fear, balancing out that uncomfortable sympathy.

Maul’s complicatedness, along with some clever Star Wars references, carry this episode. Eminence may merely be build up for the next two episodes, but what a build up it is. The stakes are higher than ever for the resurrected villain. With two more episodes to go in this arc, I see no signs of slowing down. Not a bad joke or an annoying droid in site. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. Doug Tocchio says:

    This show has everything ! The D-squad arc was just plain a lot of fun and this new episode will blow your mind ! Well , well done .

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