Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Front Runners Review

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This week continued the rebels story with a lot of action and some exciting developments.

Typically half way through an arc on Clone Wars you can tell whether it will be a classic or not. This arc, which has two more episodes, has yet to really hit its stride, but is still has potential to become a classic. The things being built upon here are interesting, it is just a matter of whether they will all come together in the end.

Reviews of the middle parts of arcs on this show are incredibly difficult to write. It is like taking a 20 minute chunk from the middle of a Star Wars movie and giving it a grade based on how it progressed everything. Essentially, this show pumps out four or five mini movies a year. But I digress, this was not the best way for this story to continue, but far from the worst.

Last week ended with the rebels finally being ready to take back the city. In Front Runners they prove they are up to the task. These guys are fun to watch as they actually have to plan out their attacks since they don’t have nearly the artillery that the Republic does. It reminds you that the Separatists are a difficult enemy to conquer.

However, aside from Lux, these other rebels aren’t all that engaging. The big reveal that Steela and Saw were siblings fell flat aside from any potential romantic tension Ahsoka thought they had, leaving Lux for herself.

Speaking of our favorite padawan, it seemed like Ahsoka would be taking a more pivotal role in this fight. It bothered me last week that the Jedi stood back in the climactic battle, and this episode did the same thing just a bit subtler. Ahsoka is capable of way more than blocking, yet that’s all she did. I was excited to see Obi Wan and Anakin leave while Ahsoka chose to stay. I also loved Anakin telling her that he knows what she is going through. But come on! Make her at least a little more awesome! It does seem that the battles ahead will be far tougher, so hopefully those lightsabers will come into good use before this arc is over.

Front Runner continued the rebel battle by smartly showing that they are capable warriors in real battles, unlike last week. I still wish that our main heroes would take on bigger roles in this fight, but for now I hold my breath and await the battle next week. Grade: B

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