‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Massacre’ Review

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Did you ever want to see a war between witches, zombies, and robots? Well if you watched Massacre, you got one. This week saw the return of Asajj Ventress, former Sith padawan of Count Dooku, and her kin, the Nightsisters. It was an exciting episode that leaves a lot of questions for what we know this arc will definitely lead to.

This episode was entirely action. After a short sequence of Ventress being reborn as a Nightsister by Mother Talzin, Dooku sent Grievous to attack. The battle was pretty awesome and Ventress and her kin cut through the battle droids pretty easily. Talzin eventually enlisted the help of an even-older member of their tribe to awaken the dead. That was where the zombies came in. Ventress led her army to Grievous’ main ship and the two ended up locked in an awesome lightsaber duel. Just watching these two villains fight was cool enough to make this episode worthwhile.

I had one big problem with this episode fundamentally, however. Literally every character that appeared tonight was evil. Who are we supposed to root for? I suppose Ventress has some sympathy factor going for her after the Savage Opress arc last year, but its been over a year since those aired.

But the ending found a remedy for this problem by having Grievous ruthlessly wipe out the entire race of Nightsisters save for Ventress and Talzin. Now Ventress is alone, and therefore completely unpredictable. Theoretically, Clone Wars could kill her off with this arc. What an interesting idea and a good way to send this show even closer to Episode III.

Next week, it appears bounty hunters will be hunting Ventress. Only three episodes remain in the fourth season, and with Darth Maul coming back it looks to be ending on a high. (8/10)

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  1. 34534534 says:

    the race was not wiped out, but ventress’s night sister tribe was. there are other covens of night sisters other than that one, though it seems they were a especially influential and powerful coven. considering mother talzin just put much of sidious’s displays of power to shame, it evidence of that. but the race lives on.

    did you know that, actually, the night sisters and the males are in fact a race born from two humanoid races? humans and a race that are much like the race of savage and maul, with vestigal horns, but they grow hair and their females have horns too.

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