Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Missing in Action Review: The First Republic Commando in the 100th Episode

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The Clone Wars is celebrating 100 episodes with two words: Republic Commando.

Missing in Action added just enough references and heroism to this putrid storyline to make this a 100th episode worth celebrating.

But, the roots of this story’s terribleness are still there. As in WAC and Colonel Gascon. Although the horrible jokes and consistently annoying lines were dialed down this week, it’s clear this arc needs a hero to save it from itself.

Enter Gregor, a lost clone on this empty void of a planet suffering from amnesia. Convenient and a lot to swallow? Yes, but anything is better than Gascon and his droids (sorry R2-D2 but you can’t talk, meaning that WAC has to tell us what you’re saying, and he’s the worst).

His story feels like Luke and Anakin’s thrown together to make one fun to watch clone as he becomes who he was born to be. The dialogue between he and the diner owner was reminiscent of Luke and Uncle Owen in A New Hope, while the very nature of their relationship was similar to Anakin and Watto in The Phantom Menace, since Gregor was a slave of sorts.

Eventually he put on the Republic Commando uniform and fought for the droids to get off the planet once and for all. Gregor served as a one man army in spectacular fashion. His supposed death at the end was hard to swallow when you consider two factors: he was introduced in this episode and there is still one more episode to this arc.

The emotions felt forced as the droids and Gascon honored Gregor after escaping. Maybe if Gregor had been introduced in the last episode rather than having the other “heroes” wandering the desert for 22 torturous minutes it would have landed better.

But as it stands, Missing in Action was a nice improvement for this still not-great story arc. Had the season been reassembled differently and a better entry was in its place, the 100th episode could have resonated much stronger and felt like the milestone that it is. But I suppose it also could have been either of the last two episodes. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

3 Responses to Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Missing in Action Review: The First Republic Commando in the 100th Episode

  1. Alpha-33 says:

    Show me a guy who says Gregor’s dead and I would be more than happy to release my new experimental clone commando on him. I need a test subject to test my commando’s abilities. Gregory definitely survived. His armor was way too strong for him to be killed by an explosion like that. Add to that the fact that the “explosion” was mostly just a bright flash of light. But the most important thing is his line “I’ll make my way home. I promise.” He promised. Clones don’t break their promises, no matter what.

  2. asuo says:

    did anyone notice the hud of the helmet is based on the republic commando game?

    • vinc says:

      YESS!! HAHA.. I actually went to google to compare the HUDs and it led me to your comment. Thank you Expanded Universe. Makes one feel appreciated for being a fan. (:

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