Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Point of No Return Review

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It’s over! It’s finally over! This dreadful arc finally ended with a mediocre outing that had some cool surprises, but was mostly just as bad as the first two.

The story of Gregor from last week seems pointless now as D-Squad escapes the planet and is seemingly on their way home. Except the Republic cruiser has been hijacked by the Separatists and rigged with bombs.

You know all the bad things about this episode. WAC and Gascon are still the two worst characters this show has ever given us. The humor feels childish and doesn’t work. Gregor’s random appearance last week feels pointless. The arc’s placement after the young Jedi arc seems odd. I could go on and on, just as I have for the last three episodes.

But you know what? Point of No Return featured more good things than most of the arc. R2-D2 rarely gets to be an action hero, but he was nothing short of awesome in all of the episode’s action sequences.

Also, the stakes were pretty high, as the bomb was supposed to go off at a Jedi conference, killing Mace Windu, Anakin, Obi Wan and more. That helped give the plot some extra weight along with toning down the humor.

And finally, the animation here was just unbelievable. The bomb’s rainbow explosion was absolutely gorgeous, and the debris hitting the ship was visually stunning.

So there was all that. Plus the arc is over. We can go back to being excited about this show. The show can really only improve from here so hopefully it won’t actually be a point of no return. Grade: C

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  1. Doug Tocchio says:

    My two cents worth, I thought the arc was GREAT ! Gascon and Wac 47 were just plain fun ! Did you see the quick peaks into the last 2 episodes in season 5…they look fantastic ! Doug

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