‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Revenge’ (Season Finale) Review

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Well that was pretty awesome, huh?! After last week’s dull episode (although it did feature the  brief and electrifying return of Darth Maul), this is what fans have been waiting for. Revenge had a lot of great moments for Star Wars fans and was one of the most emotionally exciting episodes of the series.

The episode started with Savage Opress returning to his home planet with his brother to seek help from Mother Talzin. She was able to restore Maul’s memory and bring his sanity back as much as anyone could. I loved how Maul acknowledged that the war started without him, deepening the goals of the villains in The Phantom Menace.

However, Revenge was about one thing…uh, revenge. Obi Wan was sent by the Jedi Council to take on his former adversary, meanwhile Asajj Ventress began hunting down the pawn that betrayed her. Obi Wan arrived first and the brothers quickly defeated him. Once Ventress arrived, the lightsaber duels started.

Maul took on Obi Wan and Savage fought Ventress in perhaps the best lightsaber duel this show has ever given us. It was exciting to see Kenobi and Ventress working together, trading one-liners in a way that only Star Wars writing could justify. I was a bit disappointed to see not one of the four of them fall, but I suppose there are more stories to tell with the brothers and Ventress’ reformation.

And so ends the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Revenge was a great way to end this fantastic season of the show. Its both a look in the past and the future of the Star Wars universe. The climax was satisfying while not overly conclusive. Check back tomorrow for my review of the season as a whole! (9/10)

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