Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Revival (Season Premiere) Review

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I can’t come up with anything clever, this show is just so great.

What a premiere, huh? After the final episodes of last season saw the return of Darth Maul, they had to bring this show back in a big way, and boy did they succeed. Revival was a fantastic premiere that featured everything that makes this show the surprising hit that it is.

It started with a short scene between the brothers as they raided a ship. The voice acting, particularly Sam Witwer as Maul is terrific. He gives Maul more depth than anyone could have ever imagined after The Phantom Menace. The scene where he explains to Savage Opress that he is his master was brilliant. Maul’s deluded sense of grandeur is perhaps the most exciting thing this series has done yet.

The brothers enlist pirates to fight by there side against the Jedi, namely Obi Wan Kenobi. The pirates happen to be under the command of Hondo, who lent just enough comic relief to this episode. It was great seeing him on the good side.

Obi Wan and a fellow Jedi arrive on the planet the brothers are attacking to find a battle. Revival managed to make this small act of war feel more epic than many of their other visually stunning set pieces. Then came the lightsaber duals.

Every time Maul and Obi Wan clash lightsabers is so powerful. Both men are fighting for something greater then their lives and that is evident in the details in the spectacular animation.

One thing I was worried about for this season was that the new timeslot (a rousing 9:30 a.m. on Saturday of all days) would mean the show wouldn’t be as gory. Wrong. Savage ruthlessly killed a Jedi by jamming the horns on his head into her stomach and then finishing her off with his lightsaber. Damn. This is far from a kids show.

The final battle between Obi Wan and the brothers was one of the best lightsaber duals we have gotten yet. Wielding two weapons, the Jedi actually cut Savage’s arm off. While they tried to escape the pirates damaged one of Maul’s legs. This plan didn’t go too well for them. In some brilliant writing, it was actually touching in a way how these two evil forces helped and stuck with each other.

The preview for next week had so sign of the Sith brothers. Could the show be going for more season long arcs? I hope we get to see them again soon, but the prospect of this is exciting. Clone Wars is back and, judging by this episode, will be continuing the trend of improving with every season. Grade: A

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  1. 34534534 says:

    hondo is awesome. he is pretty much a man of fleeting loyalty yet a sense of honor, if a twisted one. he is a useful ally yet a troubling enemy.

    if there is anything good i can say about episode one, is that it allowed for this true Maul to exist. thoguh you can’t blame the guy for having a sense of grandeur. when you are the apprentice of none other than darth sidious, one of the most iconic and deadly villains in the galaxy, you tend to get a really big head.

    you know what is the ironic part? the horns on their heads are supposed to be vistigal, as in they have no use….lol.

    best part, it seems from the previews, they are giong to team up with death watch……… who will turn on them. i REALLY want to see death watch realize that they are not so powerful against the force sensitives when the enemy has the will and intention to just kill you outright.

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