Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 Episodes 10-13 Review – Yoda Arc

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When we weren’t sure what the fate of Clone Wars would be, I never thought we could have a more fitting end then how Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. How wrong I was.

No, the Lost Missions didn’t give us closure on Darth Maul or Asajj Ventress. We might not ever get official word on what the series finale would have been had the show gone on as normal. But Yoda’s travels were a perfect way to end this series, uniting the entire saga and reinstating the mysticism of the Force.

Unlike all the other arcs this season, these four episodes all work individually as well. The Lost One serves as the jumping off point with the Jedi reinvestigating Master Sifo-Dyas’ death. Then, VoicesDestiny, and Sacrifice have Yoda traveling to three very important locations in this universe.

But first, I have to mention the set-up for these journeys that shows how the Jedi Council perceives their grandest master. Mace Windu and Obi Wan, in particular, seem worried that Yoda may be too old and losing his grasp on reality. They genuinely care about the most masterful of the Jedi, something the prequels failed to show us. It was also pretty clever how Yoda called upon Anakin to break him out of the hospital.

Qui-Gon Jinn’s summoning of Yoda to Dagobah had several welcome surprises, including the return of Liam Neeson and Yoda’s journey to the very cave he sends Luke to in Empire Strikes Back. It makes sense he would return here in exile after Order 66.

Yoda’s next journey, in Destiny, which was easily one of the best individual episodes the series ever produced, brought him to the center of all life and the Force in the galaxy. He first faces a dark version of himself in a stunningly physical action sequence. It was the first test of many from five priestesses who lived on after death. He sees the vague aftermath of Order 66. The best treat from this? Ahsoka. It was only fitting that she appear somewhere in this final arc, and even though it was an illusion, it connected this series to the rest of the saga in a way so few episodes have before.

This journey showed Yoda at his weakest and most arrogant. Reaching nearly 900 years of age, the wise Jedi Master still has a few lessons to learn. Yoda, one of the most universally recognizable Star Wars characters, deserves to be the one to send this series off.

His final journey, to the Sith homeworld, was a beautiful ending to this series that featured references the entire saga. In many ways, this arc feels like a more well thought out version of the Mortis trilogy from Season 3.

As Yoda traverses the only planet darker than Mustafar, Count Dooku and Darth Sidious plan to deal a major blow to the Jedi Order by destroying his mind. They trick him into thinking he’s on a mission that would reveal the identity of Darth Sidious and destroy the Sith forever.

But the way events played out on this mission essentially put Yoda and Sidious at odds for the future. As events play out accurately, some more vaguely than others, Yoda hopes to balance the Force. After Anakin very familiarly kills Dooku, Yoda and Sidious are locked in a lightsaber duel. When Anakin intervenes Sidious nearly kills him. But Yoda saves him, nearly sacrificing himself in the process. Was this Yoda and Sidious battling for Anakin’s soul? As our little green friend said in the closing moments of the episode, the fight is no long to win the Clone Wars, but for a victory for all time. That victory occurs in Return of the Jedi when Anakin’s son pulls him back to the light, allowing him to finally destroy the Sith. That’s why when Yoda successfully saves Anakin in this illusion, it feels like the impact ripples out, having an affect on the rest of the saga.

Yoda has one final conversation with the priestesses, which highlights the future, ending with the faded sounds of Yoda’s last words, “There is another Skywalker.”

This four-part masterpiece connected the entire Star Wars saga by reinstating the mysticism in the Force. Ranging from Sifo-Dyas’ actions that lead to the Clone Wars to Anakin’s final victory over evil, I have nothing more to say than this arc was a perfect way to end Star Wars: The Clone WarsGrade: A

By Matt Dougherty


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