Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 Episodes 5-7 – Clovis Arc

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One of the best things that Star Wars: The Clone Wars did for the universe was make Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side more organic and believable. These three episodes did the most direct work for this cause of any in the series.

But of course this isn’t actually Revenge of the Sith, so Anakin’s turn, while significant in these episodes, wasn’t the main focus. Instead, it was Clovis’ rise to and consequent fall from power in the Banking Clan. Yeah, it wasn’t the most exciting stuff, but at least Clovis was a lot more emotionally complex than when we last saw him in Season 2’s Senate Spy.

These episodes, titled An Old FriendThe Rise of Clovis, and Crisis at the Heart, were also pretty Padme centric. This trilogy of episodes might be the only long-form story arc she took a lead role in over the course of the series.

The first half of the first episode is pretty slow as Padme essentially just goes to the bank. But once she gets thrown in prison and Anakin arrives to bail her out, the arc gets a much needed jolt.

With it, we get the first truly great action set piece of these Lost Missions. Remember Embo? The totally rad weird hat bounty hunter with a bowcaster? Yeah, he’s back, and snowboards on his giant metal hat while chasing Anakin, Padme, and Clovis. It’s one of those actions scenes that’s has so many “Wow!” moments that really keep your eyes glued to the screen. I’m guessing that, sadly, this will be the last we see of Embo on Clone Wars. But hey, there’s always Rebels.

Back on Coruscant, Palpatine assigns Padme to work with Clovis on the Banking Clan. Similar to how Palpatine was used in the Order 66 arc, could he have done this on purpose to drive Anakin mad?

It becomes pretty clear pretty quickly that Anakin and Padme just aren’t right for each other. This is a fact that the prequels failed to sell. It seemed like George Lucas really wanted us rooting for Anakin and Padme, but he failed to plant the seeds of why Anakin feels betrayed and basically kills his wife at the end of Revenge of the Sith. But Clone Wars is planting those seeds. Their arguments about trust are rooted in reality. You can even see that Padme really isn’t sure about what she’s gotten herself into.

Then there’s Anakin’s conversation with Obi Wan. Fans can debate the canon of this series all they want, but I’ll be damned if this short chat didn’t improve a number of scenes in Revenge of the Sith. Obi Wan knows more than he’s been letting on, even bringing up his feeling for Satine (RIP). But Anakin refuses to listen, just denying the whole thing to his former master.

Anakin’s refusal to listen pays off when he catches Clovis trying to kiss Padme. Igniting his lightsaber, Clovis mocks him saying he has to use his Jedi powers. Matt Lanter, the voice of Anakin, sold the moment where Anakin throws away his lightsaber and starts hitting Clovis perfectly. In my eyes, he will always be the best Anakin Skywalker of the prequel age.

Padme is furious after the fight is over, to the point that she seems like she could divorce him right there. Meanwhile, Clovis, thanks to Palpatine, is voted as leader of the Banking Clan. Naturally, once he returns to his home planet for his new position, Count Dooku makes very high demands, bringing both sides of the war to the planet. The banking stuff finally gets interesting when Clovis starts losing control of his power, leading to a huge battle in the war.

The final confrontation with Anakin, Padme, and Clovis was emotionally charged. Anakin of course doesn’t listen to Yoda’s advice to try viewing the situation differently, accusing Clovis of betraying the Republic again. Clovis’ story seems so tragic by the end. The battle leads to a point where Anakin holds Padme and Clovis from falling to their death but can’t pull them both up. To save Padme, Clovis, having lost everything, sacrifices himself.

What a sad season so far, huh? The Clovis arc took a while to get its main ideas going, but once they did, the arc really took off. The great character work with Anakin, Padme, and even Obi Wan in his short scene continue to prove that this series is the best Star Wars we’ve gotten in some time. This late in the game, it’s all about connecting the dots to Revenge of the Sith and beyond. These three episodes did that very well with emotion, character, and some really great action. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty


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