Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6 Episodes 8 and 9 Review – The Disappeared

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This year marks the 15 year anniversary of The Phantom Menace. These two episodes proved that in 15 years, one thing hasn’t changed: Jar Jar Binks is still the worst.

Remember how Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had one really awesome hero and one slightly racist sidekick? The Disappeared is essentially that with Mace Windu replacing Indy and Jar Jar replacing Short Round.

When Queen Julia of Bardotta summons Jar Jar to her homeworld to investigate an imbalance in the Force, he brings Mace along because of his superior (obviously) expertise on the subject. We quickly learn that Julia and Jar Jar are in love. And then this kiss and it’s gross.

Look, it’s easy to hate on Jar Jar, but he turned it up a notch for these two episodes. A number of Clone Wars episodes feature the infamous Gungan, but not quite as heavily as this. His knack for making every situation way worse was most definitely intact.

When Julia disappears, Mace and Jar Jar set out to find her. They come across a cult performing rituals that remove the Force found within every living being and put them in this glowing green orb. Mace Windu gets to kick some butt both with and without a lightsaber, which was basically the only true redeeming quality of these episodes.

The orchestrator of these Force robberies turns out to be Mother Talzin, This being her only appearance in the series without Asajj Ventress, Savage Opress, or Darth Maul around, it was fairly strange and kind of a let down. Her plan was to harness the power of the sun or something.

However, she did create a sword with her magic and dueled with Mace Windu, so that was pretty cool. Her defeat was kind of unclear though. Is she dead? Seems doubtful since Maul is still alive.

The biggest tragedy here is that this was apparently a priority to produce over Maul’s final arc that would have made it into Season 6. Basically, The Disappeared has a lot of the same problems as Clone Wars did when it first started. Childish humor and too little to care about. So yes, happy 15th Phantom Menace, you are still very much in our memory thanks to these two episodes. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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