Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Secret Weapons Review

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The worst episode of the season featured annoying characters and bad humor in a story that had so much more potential.

Secret Weapons was a episode the creators have been talking about and teasing for a while. A story arc with a bunch of droids, including R2-D2, carrying out Republic missions? That sounds great! Too bad all tention was watered down by the most annoying character in Star Wars since Jar Jar Binks.

He goes by the name of Wak. He is a droid. He talks too much. He thinks he’s funny. He ruined this episode.

Wak is a bumbling idiot character trying to fit in with the heroes who is arrogant yet timid when things get a little hairy. Sound familiar?

Maybe that is what the writers were going for. Maybe they wanted to create a character so terrible you forgot about Jar Jar.

Doubt it.

It doesn’t help that Colonel Gascon, a very small Republic military enthusiast, was written equally as bad. He has every stereotype that comes with a drill sergeant. Except he hasn’t fought in any battles.

The plan that the group of droids almost entirely lacks tension. That is until the climax when R2-D2 gets some badass moments while fighting battle droids.

But otherwise, Secret Weapons made this show feel like a bad children’s cartoon. It amazes me because the last four episodes were a perfect example of a great children’s cartoon.

As of now, it is unclear how long this arc will last. I pray it will not be the next three episodes. Grade: D+


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