‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Box’ Review

So far, this arc on Clone Wars has been pretty up and down. It has some really great moments but has not really found its footing as well as say the four part Umbara arc earlier this season. The first one set up a lot of potential and last week had a really boring beginning and a fantastic ending. This week there was once again more good than bad, but I still feel that this story has not been all it could have been.

The Box started with a scene mirroring one just like it from Revenge of the Sith, with Anakin talking to Yoda, the latter of which has had almost nothing to do this entire season. The scene was a nice homage, but then Anakin disappeared for the rest of the episode, but at least now he knows for sure that Obi Wan is alive.

The rest of the episode dealt with Count Dooku and Morallo Eval challenging a group of about a dozen or so bounty hunters to carry out a mission. The roster included the disguised Obi Wan and Cad Bane. My problem here was that there was never a moment where I thought those two were in any real danger. For one, it was obvious that they would be a part of the final episode in the arc. Secondly, as Dooku noted, the challenges did not really seem too far out of any of the contestants’ skill sets. I feel that this should have been a great spot for the writers and animators to have some fame creativity wise, but it ended up being a let down.

At least the climax was exciting as Dooku decided to test Morallo Eval against the disguised Obi Wan. Their fight was exciting and led to a much more exciting turn for next week’s episode. Cad Bane is in charge now as appointed by the Sith lord.

All in all The Box could have been a lot better than it was. However, it also set the pieces in motion for what could be an epic finale to this storyline. I also must say that I like how this plan that we see carried out in the beginning of Revenge of the Sith was in the works long before it happened, and evolved much further. (7/10)


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