Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Gathering Review

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Clone Wars took a step back this week to remind us that this is in fact a children’s show, in a good way.

With all the decapitations, limbs lost, and clones killed in battle, it’s easy to forget that Star Wars: The Clone Wars airs on Cartoon Network early Saturday mornings. In other words, they are going for a certain demographic. The Gathering catered to the younger side of that demographic as we got a touching little story about a group of younglings searching for the crystal they will use to build their lightsaber.

I loved how personal of a journey it was for each of them. No one character got their crystal within the presence of another. Each pupil had to dig deep inside themself to achieve their goal, really hitting home that being a Jedi takes a certain type of person. Sure, having their issues defined so easily in the end was cheap (and oddly sounded like every commercial for Cloud Atlas), but I’ll forgive it for the kiddies.

It was great seeing Yoda take such a major role in this story. He gets so little screentime on this show. Ahsoka was a welcome presence as well. Being the youngest Jedi on the show, this was a journey she took more recently than Anakin or Obi Wan.

All in all, The Gathering was a nice departure from the dark and heavy storylines this show likes to tell (seriously though, the last arc took a new character, developed her as a leader, then killed her off, a little heavy for Saturday morning cartoons). It is not necessarily better, just different, and in any show’s fifth seasont hat is more than welcome. Grade: B+

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