Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Jedi Who Knew Too Much Season 5 Episode 18 Review

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The core relationship this series has brought us from the beginning is starting to crumble in a thrilling, emotional episode.

Anakin and Ahsoka have this incredibly complex relationship due to what the fans know and don’t know about their futures. There’s a reason Ahsoka isn’t around in Revenge of the Sith and beyond. Amazingly, The Jedi Who Knew Too Much directly ties her to Anakin’s turning to the Dark Side more than ever. Also, this episode appeared to be setting up the original trilogy rather than Episode III, something only the most fascinating Clone Wars entries do.

It started with Yoda giving a eulogy for the lives last in last week’s attack on the Jedi Temple. Amongst the crowd, Tarkin stuck out to me. Having already been introduced in the series, Tarkin already has a professional relationship with Anakin as they agree on several military matters. You can see why Palpatine would want to keep this guy around after throwing over the Republic.

Poor Ahsoka is then called to meet with Letta, the culprit of the explosion, in a prison. But an unknown enemy Force-chokes, and kills Letta, setting up Ahsoka. It’s captivating, and actually pretty hard to watch as we see this young soul that we’ve seen grow over these last five years accused of things she in no way could have done.

While she’s in prison, the show creepily highlights Anakin’s anger as Tarkin and the clones refuse to let him see her.

But Ahsoka isn’t a prisoner for very long as this unknown person plants the means of her escape (sadly, if you watch the trailer for the arc it’s obvious who the person is, but for the sake of the review I won’t mention their name).

The escape was a ton of fun to watch. I love that the prison’s hallways mirror those on the Death Star. I love a very angry Anakin barking orders at the clones including “set your weapons to stun!”. Had Anakin taught his padawan patience, maybe Ahsoka wouldn’t have made such rash decisions here. This whole thing feels like a dark lesson for Anakin. Poor Ahsoka…

But the escape was filled with excellent, moody visuals. Ahsoka kept managing to escape everything the clones threw at her. It was exciting to see unfold. She did lose a lightsaber though.

The very end of the episode saw Anakin and Ahsoka arguing over trust and the right way to handle the situation. Seriously, this arc is already tugging on my heart strings and there’s still two episodes left! Oh, and don’t forget the geek moment of Ahsoka escaping into Coruscant’s level 1313, the title and setting of an upcoming video game set in the criminal underworld.

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much picked up the pace from last week’s slightly slow introduction. It made me question just how deep Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship goes. It also made me wonder if this is the end for our young padawan. I love Ahsoka but this episode was a huge sign that the series is closer than ever to the future of Star Wars, and she has to be, uh, dealt with. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

3 Responses to Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Jedi Who Knew Too Much Season 5 Episode 18 Review

  1. Paul says:

    I wouldn’t be certain that the “unknown person” is the person in the trailer. There is another on the planet (Sidious) who would love to see Ahsoka be “dealt with” in an attempt to draw Anakin closer to the dark side. And as its mentioned in the episode, they are in a heavily fortified base, I don’t think the “unknown person” would be able to get in as easy as Sidious. I think Sidious will kill Ahsoka. Thats my prediction.

  2. Paul says:

    Or even Maul ???

  3. Mike says:

    @Paul- Holy crap.!! I had completely forgotten about maul.!! and Sidious HAD said he has plans for him too.!!

    This episode was incredible, so many tie-ins with the movies, intense voice acting and animation.. this IS Star Wars !!

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