Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Soft War Review

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Usually by now in a Clone Wars arc something far more interesting is going on.

Last week’s episode seemed to be building to something bigger, and sadly, so does this week’s. The Soft War confirmed that the Onderon arc is not going to go down as a classic and will be a far more traditional, and therefore forgettable, arc for the show.

The beginning showed promise with a cool reveal of the rebel forces to the people of Onderon. Steela has become a compelling character to watch, even if she is the only new character that achieves this.

But then the episode went into the political tidings of characters who frankly are either underdeveloped or have had so little screen time that there is no way we are invested in their fate. Still though, a good revolution story is hard to not enjoy, I just wish the characters involved were interesting.

My main complaint last week was the lack of Ahsoka. This weird middle ground thing she is doing is really obnoxious. It barely feels like she should even be a part of this story.

Amazingly, the same thing happened with Lux Bonteri this week, the only other returning character with a main role in this arc. Why are he and Ahsoka even there? This is Steela’s story apparently. The writers need to find something interesting to do with them or not even tease us with their presence.

Sure, Ahsoka did get a cool moment at the end, as the general switched sides, but I don’t want a moment I want a scene.

Next week is the final episode of this arc and I have to say, I’m incredibly excited for it to be over so we can just move on. Grade: C+

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