Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Wrong Jedi Season 5 Finale Review

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Clone Wars ended its fifth season with an emotional finale that answered a major question fans have had since the beginning.

As this arc has progressed, Ahsoka’s ties to this world broke one by one. Introduced as a youngling in the Clone Wars movie, the padawan Anakin never knew he wanted became the emotional core of a series that shocked fans the darker it got every season. Things have never been darker than in The Wrong Jedi for our young hero.

The episode started with the Jedi Council expelling her from the Order. It happened so quickly and so unapologetically, like the last five years hadn’t mattered. Anakin and Padme quickly come to Ahsoka’s side. The inclusion of Padme here was smart. This is as much Anakin’s episode as it is Ahsoka’s and she is an indirect catalyst for some of the darker moments in Revenge of the Sith, so why not tie her in here as well?

It also felt right to have Tarkin right on the other side tearing their defense to shreds. Palpatine is the puppet master for all these players, and as soon as Padme dies, in one of the closing shots of Revenge of the Sith, we see Tarkin standing beside Darth Vader. Yet it was effectively put against Ahsoka’s possible future.

As Anakin rummaged through Coruscant’s underworld for evidence he begins to trust Ventress, telling the truth to her once mortal enemy. Anakin figures out Barriss is likely the one behind everything, and attacks her at the Jedi Temple. Their duel was dark as Anakin quickly took the upper hand using every bit of anger he has in him. And again, it’s likely that the next time he ignites his lightsaber in the Temple is Order 66.

Barriss confesses to everything, clearing Ahsoka of all charges, and making some fascinating statements about the Jedi Order becoming war mongering villains. Ahsoka takes these to heart. The desire for another life is justified.

That closing scene was the most emotional on the series yet. The way she curled her padawan string back into her master’s hand. The way another member of the Council lightly pulled Obi Wan back from talking to Anakin. The way Anakin said he has thought about leaving before. It was a sad goodbye and it felt…final.

Now that Disney owns Star Wars, we really have no idea when or where this show might return. Or even if it will at all. I’m optimistic it will land on Disney XD or wherever, but if not, there are far worse endings this show could have had. Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

3 Responses to Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Wrong Jedi Season 5 Finale Review

  1. P. says:

    I think you meant Anakin ‘has’ thought about leaving.

    I thought the music for this episode was fantastic, some of the best of the series, the usage of John Williams themes was very impactful. I didn’t like Palpatine’s new voice as much, perhaps it takes time getting used to it.

    The series is still in production, there are “more stories to tell” is the official line, but they don’t know the when or where of it yet, probably meaning complex contract stuff behind the scenes.

    • George says:

      This was a fantastic episode, and emotional to the core. Now Ashoka can clearly be justified as having survived order 66, as she is no longer a Jedi. I loved the irony that she could have been Knighted, but her disillusion was made more poetic by the “offer” of Knighthood and her own choice to say no. This is quality storytelling, pure and simple.

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