Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Tipping Points Review

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The Onderon arc concluded this week with a sweeping battle and a sacrifice for a better cause in this great episode.

Tipping Points was more or less what I wanted this arc to be, sans Ahsoka. The rebel forces prepared for a final battle with the droid army and what a battle it was. Callbacks to James Cameron’s Avatar rang through as the good guys rode on dragon like creatures. It was a fun battle to watch that ranks up among the best the show has delivered to us.

But before that we had some nice moments between Ahsoka, Lux and Steela. The brash rebel leader decided to show her affections to Lux by kissing her right in front of Ahsoka. You could see it in the young Jedi’s eyes, this was NOT okay, but she stuck by her code, only acknowledging it by giving Lux a brotherly punch in the arm. The Clone Wars writers continue to show strength in their subtlety giving us an incredibly powerful moment with so few words.

That moment was a game changer for another reason in Tipping Points, that was the moment where it became obvious that either Steela or Lux would die.

When the first portion of the battle ended, the Jedi called upon Hondo to deliver a few extra weapons to combat the Separatists. Hondo, who was last seen in the season premiere, continues to be a delight on screen. In another perfect scene he delivers the package, proud of himself as ever, but then leaves as soon as the fighting starts. I hope Hondo gets more moments like this one before the series closes out.

The final action scene carried a bit more weight to it as the fates of our characters hang in the balance. In an exciting rescue, Steela nearly falls off a cliff. Every movement in the background had me suspicious. Steela or Lux? When the gun moved behind them it appeared to be Lux, but Ahsoka took the hit, causing Steela to take the fall. Great writing.

My only problem is I never felt terribly attached to her. I am far more interested on the impact her death will have on Ahsoka and Lux, a subplot that needs resolution before Clone Wars ends.

Overall, though, this was a great way to finish out this story. Ahsoka had a lot more to do in the conclusion, even if her lightsabers didn’t get much use. Plus we got a grand battle. This will never be one of my favorite arc since it focused on characters I had trouble caring for, but I’m sure it will be an important one. I cannot wait to see what they do next. Grade: B+

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