Star Wars: The Clone Wars – To Catch a Jedi Season 5 Episode 19 Review

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While not as strong as last week’s masterful episode, To Catch a Jedi continued this stand out arc with enough skill to leave us foaming at the mouth for the finale, as well as Ahsoka’s fate.

This entry started with a very telling Jedi Council meeting. We know Mace Windu is an expert on the battle field from the films, but we saw a very different side of him in the opening scene. With the council deciding who should search for Ahsoka, Yoda suggests Anakin and Plo Koon. Windu is very quick to belay that, saying Anakin is too attached to the situation. It’s odd to see such a hero suddenly become so unlikable, reassuring that the Jedi may not have the clearest view on things due to the personal restrictions they are forced to overcome.

Obi Wan comes to Anakin’s rescue in a quick moment during the meeting just to say it would be foolish to take him off the case. This short exchange actually enhances everything we saw in Revenge of the Sith. We know that Anakin already has a bone to pick with the council, but that Obi Wan is always on his side. It’s a frustrating “why couldn’t THIS have been in the prequels?!” moment that this show delivers time and time again.

Okay, moving on from the first three minutes, we catch up with Ahsoka in the slums of Coruscant, a place we’ve only heard talked about before (Mass Effect fans, didn’t this ooze Omega?). Ahsoka gets spotted by some guards on a train and has to fight her way out in a beautifully filmed action sequence.

It’s not long before Asajj Ventress spots the young Jedi and threatens to bring her in for bounty. Yes, Ventress is still a bounty hunter after the finale arc of last season, and she instantly rules herself out of who might be behind this trickery.

If you remember, everyone’s favorite pseudo-Sith turned over a new leaf after her home was destroyed, even helping Obi Wan fend off Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Now she walks the thin line between good and evil (Catwoman-esque, was she not?) and decides to help Ahsoka, who in return promises to clear her name once her own is cleared. Ventress was a ton of fun to watch as she cut down the clones’ weapons instead of their lives.

Ahsoka’s friend Barriss Offee gives her a place to find a clue, an abandoned warehouse. After going inside, someone knocks out Ventress, stealing her lightsabers and helmet. They then attack Ahsoka in the warehouse. The lightsaber duel was surprisingly clunky, but it made sense if you remember that Ahsoka usually has an extra lightsaber and that this unknown threat seemed a bit inexperienced. Clever writing or poor animation? We’ll find out when the identity of this mystery person is revealed. Could it be Barriss?

Ahsoka gets captured by Anakin and a few clones after getting knocked out right near some nanobots identical to the ones used in the explosion on the Jedi Temple. But Anakin still believes in his padawan’s innocence, but it’s clear that is waining.

Big things were set up here for next week’s season finale. Who is this mystery threat? How will Ventress play into all of this? Could this be the end for Ahsoka? It was a lot of set up without quite the emotional punch last week’s had. But last week’s was one of the best episodes ever, so this was still one of the best of the season. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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