Supergirl: “Fight or Flight” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

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Look, I don’t care if its recurring or a lead or whatever, but Superman needs to be on this show. Having him swoop in just before Kara blacks out and then later Gchat her was just such an annoying workaround.

This is of course not to say that Supergirl can’t carry her own TV show. I believe Supergirl can still do everything it wants to be doing with Superman in a backseat supporting role. “Fight or Flight” made it clear that this series’ premise is too closely tied to Superman to just ignore him.

There’s a new villain in National City, but instead of being from Krypton he’s actually just from Metropolis. This is a foe that Superman himself supposedly hasn’t been able to defeat, as Jimmy Olsen puts it. That makes it curious though that when Superman does eventually fly in, why Reactron, as Jimmy calls him, flies away.

Reactron may have been a little different from the villains in the first two episodes, but he wasn’t all that interesting. The Flash and Arrow tend to have a similar problem when introducing what look like villains of the week. On those shows, the best villains are the ones who came back because the story demanded them to (Captain Cold and Malcolm Merlyn come to mind). The jury is still out as to whether Supergirl‘s story will demand any of these foes to return, but so far they’ve all served the larger purpose of pushing Kara’s arc forward, as opposed to personalities of their own.

In “Fight or Flight,” Kara had to prove to her team that she doesn’t need Superman’s help. Jimmy doesn’t give her the chance to do that and calls Superman anyway. Actually, this whole episode really turned Jimmy Olsen into the worst thing about this show. In the pilot he was charming, but here he seemed broken, and not in an intriguing, drama-rich way, but a melodramatic, soapy way.

Regardless, Kara defeats Reactron with the help of her sister. That’s when we got the unbelievably awkward instant message scene between Kara and Clark Kent. Clark used an emoticon and I didn’t hear the rest of the scene because I was vomiting. The episode ends with everyone feeling all confident and happy, except for Jimmy, who now has an ex in town (Lois Lane’s younger sister because, again, Supergirl just won’t admit it needs Superman and his chief characters). I really hope the show works out its frustrating kinks soon. While the first two episodes were better than this one, as a whole, Supergirl isn’t giving me the superhero fix quite like its CW cousins are. Grade: C

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • Look, I know it’s part of the mythology and everything, but Cat not recognizing her assistant as Supergirl was just f*cking dumb. I was desperately waiting for her to wink at Kara in a knowing manner the whole episode, but it just never happened. Ugh.
  • Supergirl watches Homeland.
  • You’ll notice I referred to James as “Jimmy” throughout the whole review. That was initially a mistake and as I was going back to change it, I decided he was too whiney this episode and didn’t earn “James.”

By Matt Dougherty

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