Supergirl: “How Does She Do It?” Season 1 Episode 5 Review

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Not only is “How Does She Do It?” a frustrating episode narratively, but it’s also one that wants to hit you over the head with everything Supergirl is, betraying its own premise in the act.

The point of this episode is simple: give Supergirl her Lex Luthor. Maxwell Lord looks to be taking up his post. That’s fine and good, but the way we got there sure felt tacked on. Also, the whole point of Supergirl is to feel different from a Superman show. Replacing the big guy’s main villains with carbon copies of them and gender swapping the main hero is just telling a Superman story. If these guys just want to do that, then fine, but then Superman shouldn’t exist in this universe at all.

The villain of “How Does She Do It?” is a bomber (which is why this episode was moved after the terrorist attacks) with a sick child. This whole justification is cliche at this point. It didn’t help that the villain got almost zero screentime this whole episode, rendering the impact of his suicide emotionless. But then it turns out to all be Lord’s fault for one reason or another. If Lord is somehow working for Luthor, who has to exist in this universe, by the end of the season, I’ll probably have to stop watching.

But don’t worry, the more painful part of this episode had Kara and Winn watching Cat’s son, who awkwardly sexualizes Supergirl simply so Cat can go on an overt feminist rant at the end of the episode. The writers are essentially saying, “Look! We’re progressive!” Frankly, it’s shallow that this is what they’re stooping to (you want a strong feminist series that doesn’t shove it your face for applause, watch Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which just came to Netflix this past weekend).

Oh, and there was some stuff with Jimmy Olsen and Lucy Lane. The show hasn’t sold their romance yet. Don’t expect it to anytime soon.

So this was pretty easily the worst episode of Supergirl yet. Featuring weak villains, a serious lack of any and all subtlety, and just an overall boring number of a subplot, this is one nail in the coffin for the freshman series. Let’s see if the next two episodes find the other nails. Grade: D

By Matt Dougherty

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