Supergirl: “Livewire” Season 1 Episode 4 Review

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“Livewire” was probably the best episode of Supergirl yet, thanks to its fun villain and great use of the show’s best supporting character, Cat Grant.

But as you may have heard, this was intended to be the fifth episode of the series, but due to the attacks in Paris last week, the fourth episode was delayed because of sensitive content. However, “Livewire” points out a problem with the series in that there is almost nothing in this episode we would not understand, which kind of means nothing happens in the intended fourth episode. The only thing that seems to have jumped forward is James’ relationship with Lucy, which is now entirely back on track after the brief conversation we saw at the end of last week’s episode. This is just another case for the death of 22-episode network dramas.

Anyway, this episode managed to be more fun than the previous two. Instead of fighting an alien, we got the classic comic book accident that happens to somebody with a grudge. The person in question is Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan), a female Howard Stern of sorts who works for CatCo and likes to trash Supergirl on the air. When Cat asks her to change her tune, she refuses, forcing Cat to move her to traffic reporting. Cue the lightning bolt that channels through Supergirl to Leslie and you’ve got Livewire, one of Superman’s most fun villains.

Morgan did a nice job as the foe, chewing the scenery when she could and really living in the Livewire shoes. Of all the villains on the current DC TV slate, Livewire was one of the most immediately authentic to her role in the comics (well, in this case, the character was created for Superman: The Animated Series, akin to Harley Quinn for the animated Batman counterpart). It was perhaps a little too unbelievably quick to have her zipping into every source of electricity moments after discovering her powers, but her battle with Supergirl were undeniably fun.

But the best battle of the episode was the internal one facing Cat Grant. Feeling partially responsible for creating Livewire, she doesn’t wish to make the same mistake with Kara. Cat has had a great presence on this show from the beginning, but now she has depth.

Of course, the show still has some work to do. The subplot with Alex facing off with her mother just felt cliche. But as a whole, this was a pretty fun entry and probably the most what I’d like to see weekly out of Supergirl at this point. Down the road, Livewire should be a great recurring villain for the series. Now it’s time to just get the rest of the supporting cast up to speed. Grade: B+

Some Other Thought Bubbles:

  • This episode relied the least on Superman of the four we’ve seen so far. No wonder it was the best.
  • There’s a fun episode of Batman: The Animated Series where Livewire teams up with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy while Supergirl and Batgirl team up to take them down. A fanboy can dream, right?
  • Next time Livewire shows up, let’s ditch that crappy wig and go for her animated series hair.
  • Who is this season’s main villain? Is it Hank Henshaw or Astra?

By Matt Dougherty

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