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Broad City: “Friendiversary” Season 4 Finale Review

Broad City ends a very strong season with an episode of wonderful hijinks.

Broad City: “Bedbugs” Season 4 Episode 9 Review

A stellar Broad City puts Abbi and Ilana through the NYC wringer.

Broad City: “House Sitting” Season 4 Episode 8 Review

A lavish apartment brings the whole gang together for a roller coaster of emotions.

Broad City: “Florida” Season 4 Episode 7 Review

A predictable—but still very fun—Broad City sees Abbi and Ilana heading to the Sunshine State.

Broad City: “Just the Tips” Season 4 Episode 3 Review

A middling episode sees Abbi and Ilana deal with different relationships.

Broad City: “Twaining Day” Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Abbi and Ilana’s new jobs, along with a cavalcade of celebrity guest stars, make for an intriguing next step into season 4.

Broad City: “Sliding Doors” Season 4 Premiere Review

The Broads kick off season 4 by bringing us back to the beginning.

Broad City: “Jews on a Plane” Season 3 Finale Review

Abbi and Ilana take their hijinks to the skies in a wholly enjoyable closer to Broad City‘s third season.

Broad City: “Getting There” Season 3 Episode 9 Review

Broad City‘s two-part finale begins with a supreme struggle to get out of New York.

Broad City: “Burning Bridges” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Broad City continues to serialize itself with one of its best episodes yet.