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Joy Review: Less Than Delightful

David O. Russell’s latest effort is an inspiring tale filled with charismatic performances, but the filmĀ is muffled by its chaotic execution.

Top 5 Movies and Performances of 2013 So Far

2013 is already half way done. The best films of 2012 (one of the best years in recent memory at the movies) are in the past and writers like myself are beginning

Bradley Cooper to Star in Steven Spielberg’s ‘American Sniper’

Director Steven Spielberg has chosen his follow up to the critically belovedĀ Lincoln, and Bradley Cooper wants to sign on.

The Place Beyond the Pines Review: A Surprisingly Effective Small-Town Odyssey

The Place Beyond the Pines pretty much flawlessly blends the operatic and the indie to create a unique story that is both intimately touching and grandly satisfying.