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Top 10 Songs of 2017

Some songs dominated 2017, from popularity to critical acclaim – which songs did we think were the very best?

Top 10 Albums of 2017

Come celebrate and commiserate the best albums of the year, from the National to K-Dot.

Eminem “Revival” review

Marshall Mathers continues his prolonged rut on another bloated, boring album with few highlights.

U2 “Songs Of Experience” Review

U2 continue to tarnish their legacy with another half-baked, bored release.

Beck “Colors” Review

Beck’s thirteenth album earns its title, as one of his cheeriest and danceable releases ever.

Queens of the Stone Age “Villains” Review

Queens of the Stone Age are back with a dance-y, punchy new sound courtesy of Mark Ronson.

Arcade Fire “Everything Now” Review

The formerly impenetrable indie group finally show their weakness on a disastrous dud.

Lorde “Melodrama” Review

Lorde’s second album matches musical and emotional growth in a complete, effective package.

Katy Perry “Witness” Review

Katy Perry’s journey into ‘wokeness’ is spectacularly scattershot.

Roger Waters “Is This the Life We Really Want?” Review

Roger Waters’ first album in over twenty years couldn’t have come at a better time – and he knows it.