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Mad Men Season 6 Review: Mortality is the Newest Client in this Standout Season

A lot of truly great dramas don’t get this far without some issues. Season six of The Sopranos was tainted by its controversial series finale. Many Lost fans point to much earlier as to when the show

Mad Men: “In Care Of” Season 6 Finale Review

Mad Men closed out its sixth season with a near perfect finale that wrapped up various storylines and sent us into the final season.

Mad Men: “The Quality of Mercy” Season 6 Episode 12 Review

Mad Men season six is wrapping up and that means big things for just about everyone on the show.

Mad Men: “Favors” Season 6 Episode 11 Review

The city just keeps getting dirtier for Sally Draper…

Mad Men: “A Tale of Two Cities” Season 6 Episode 10 Review

Mad Men entered the end of the season with more drugs, and a strong push for Joan.

Mad Men: “The Better Half” Season 6 Episode 9 Review

“That poor girl, she doesn’t know that loving you is the worst way to get to you.”

Mad Men: “The Crash” Season 6 Episode 8 Review

At it’s best, Mad Men is fun and fascinating, which is exactly what we got with The Crash.

Mad Men: “Man with a Plan” Season 6 Episode 7 Review

A transition episode brought two once competitors together while other characters go through very different struggles.