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Nashville: “I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive” Season 1 Finale Review

Nashville concluded  its freshman season with an episode full of dramatics and big revelations.  The smaller moments actually ended up leaving a stronger impression, but boy what an ending.

Nashville: “Why Don’t You Love Me” Season 1 Episode 19 Review

As Rayna and Deacon begin to heat up, Juliette begins to melt down.

Nashville: My Heart Would Know Season 1 Episode 17 Review

Rayna discovers a secret from her family history this week, while Juliette walks deeper into Dante’s inferno.

Nashville: I Saw the Light Season 1 Episode 16 Review

Lovers, friends and family are put to the test this week, as relationships are mended, strained, and possibly severed off completely.

Nashville: When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts Season 1 Episode 15 Review

Juliette and Rayna are forced to take a backseat this week, as a break from their tour means a break from their exciting conflict.  Oh well, at least there was a cute

Nashville: Dear Brother Season 1 Episode 14 Review

A surprise party, a nasty tabloid scandal, and a loaded gun are all thrown into the mix of tonight’s eventful episode of Nashville.

Nashville: There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight Season 1 Episode 13 Review

Nashville dealt some big blows last week, so tonight they allowed their characters to try and pick up the pieces.  Not everything clicked, but the elements that worked were strong enough the

Nashville: I’ve Been Down That Road Before Season 1 Episode 12 Review

Whoa! Did anyone else not see that one coming?  This week’s Nashville is full of big surprises.

Nashville: You Win Again Season 1 Episode 11 Review

Nashville triumphs this week, with its strongest episode yet since the series premiere.