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“Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes” Review: Inconsistent But Often Great Folk

The third album from the indie-folk collective is less focused than before, but still has many gems.

Frank Black “Oddballs” Review – Decent, Average B-Sides

Frank Black (a.k.a. Black Francis) has released his B-side compilation on CD, which resembles most other B-side collections.

David Lynch “The Big Dream” Review: Episodic Ideas That Don’t Move Forward

David Lynch – yes, that David Lynch – has released his second solo album, but it falls frustratingly between conventional and surrealistic.

Sigur Ros “Kveikur” Review: Heavy, Minimalist Masterpiece

Sigur Ros get heavier on their seventh album, which is just another great notch in their discography.

Kanye West “Yeezus” Review: Lyrical Misses Amidst Musical Powerhouse

Kanye’s ego-driven sixth solo album is a lyrical mess but a musical masterpiece.

The Lonely Island “The Wack Album” Review – More Hits Than Misses

No longer burdened by certain songs going viral on “SNL,” the trio expand into new territory, with moderate results.

Jimmy Eat World “Damage” Review – Mature But Slight Album

The alt-rock band is getting older, and their attempts at maturity are moderately successful but very forced.

Black Sabbath “13” Review: Metal’s Originators Bring a Surprise Hit

Metal inventors Black Sabbath’s nineteenth studio album is a surprise, and one of the band’s best ever.

Portugal. The Man – “Evil Friends” Review: A Progressive and Expansive Album

Portugal. The Man continue their consistent album trend with their best and most original record yet.

Camera Obscura – “Desire Lines” Review: Enjoyable But Forgettable

Indie-folk darlings Camera Obscura’s fifth album is a pleasant listen, but is wholly unremarkable.