Ted Advance Review: Seth MacFarlane’s First Foray Into Live Action is Funny and Surprisingly Smart

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While Ted’s overall story may be easy to guess, it’s the little surprises that take this comedy to the next level to deliver both a charming and hilarious theatrical debut for the man behind Family Guy.

Ted may not have you laughing every minute, but the jokes that land really land and will have you chuckling to yourself long after. Seth MacFarlane does such a great job of creating the title character, both in his writing and voice acting, that whenever his plush little body isn’t on screen the film slightly suffers.

It’s weird that Ted and Mark Whalberg’s character have such great chemistry since the former was never really there for Whalberg to bounce off of. When the two of them are on screen together the film is at it’s best. Mila Kunis’ character is pretty weak but the young actress has such a great screen presence that she almost makes up for it.

What makes Ted a good movie is that despite the R rating (which the film certainly does not put to waste) it has a lot of heart. There are just enough cute moments in the film to make it still feel like the kid’s films it may be parodying. Clearly McFarlane was feeling nostalgic while making it, despite his crude sense of humor.

I do have to say though that the ending is pretty unfulfilling. It’s really unclear if any character actually learned from the events in the film, which is a bad weakness to have in a comedy such as this. Oh well, the hilarious voiceovers from Patrick Stewart that bookend the film help to make up for the shortcomings of the final moments.

Ted is a nice surprise in a summer that has so far been something of a disappointment (aside from The Avengers). Despite the weak ending, the combination of R rated jokes and heart make this film accessible from every corner. Grade: B+

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