The 10 Best Batman Movie Moments So Far

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It’s tomorrow folks. The Dark Knight Rises is here. For our last countdown list of the week, we decided to look at the best moments in Bat-cinema so far. Check out our picks below.






Photo Credit: Batman vs. Joker Inside Miniature Gotham City- Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)-

This climactic battle at the end of this largely forgotten animated theatrical release is nothing short of spectacular. These two men have fought for Gotham since their existence. That conflict is brought together beautifully in this amazing battle inside a miniature version of the city. Joker hits Batman with the very buildings he swoops down from. The symbolism here is just unforgettable.



Photo Credit: Joker Blows Up a Hospital- The Dark Knight (2008)-

In one of the best comedic moments in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece, Heath Ledger was actually confused to why the stand in hospital didn’t blow up. Luckily he stayed in character and they kept shooting, leading to one of the funniest improve scenes since Indiana Jones shot the swordsman.



Photo Credit: Batman’s First Appearance- Batman (1989)-

The opening scene of Tim Burton’s Batman really is something special. A family of three with a little boy go into an ally in Gotham City and get robbed. While counting their winnings, one criminal asks the other if he is scared of the Batman. The other tells him to shut up. Meanwhile, Batman swoops down slowly. This scene so quickly established that the days of Adam West were over and that darker, better Batman stories were going to be told from now on.



Photo Credit: Wayne Manor Burns Down- Batman Begins (2005)-

The return of Ra’s al Ghul was a shocking one as we head into the third act of Nolan’s first Batman movie. “Justice is balance” he says, and then proceeds to burn down Wayne Manor. This leads to a beautiful scene between Bruce and Alfred after they escape the fire. Repeating the words of Bruce’s father, Alfred says “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” This might as well be Batman’s “With great power” speech. Simply stunning.



Photo Credit: “He’s not a hero…”- The Dark Knight (2008)-

The ending of The Dark Knight is a shocking one. Batman takes the blame for Two-Face’s crimes to keep the streets clean, one of the most selfless acts a superhero has ever committed on the silver screen. Commissioner Gordon’s powerful speech that follows nails the character so perfectly that it left me immobile the first time I saw it. Chris Nolan gets this guy better than anyone has before.



Photo Credit: Selina Kyle Transforms- Batman Returns (1992)-

Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Catwoman is easily the best thing about the two Tim Burton movies. The scene where she finally goes nuts in her home is terrifying yet delightful. We hope that Selina will embrace her darker side. And she does, but not before trashing her apartment and shoving stuffed animals down the garbage dispenser. Tim Burton sure knows how to go dark.



Photo Credit: Joker Robs a Bank- The Dark Knight (2008)-

Easily one of the best opening scenes of all time, this bank robbery starts off Nolan’s sequel with one hell of a bang. This exciting scene ends with the reveal of Heath Ledger as the Joker. It was the beginning of a legendary performance that helped elevate The Dark Knight into the classic that it is.



Photo Credit: “Back-up”- Batman Begins (2005)-

After battling the Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum, Batman needs a way to escape before he is caught by the police. So he calls in back-up. Bats. Lots of bats. This is one of the first scenes in Nolan’s trilogy where Wally Pfister’s cinematography truly shines as Batman runs through the halls surrounded by the creatures that inspired him. Well done.



Photo Credit: The Chase- The Dark Knight (2008)-

You know which chase. All I have to say is “truck flip” and you will get which scene I am talking about. But while the truck flip is incredibly impressive, the best bit of this scene is the Joker screaming “Hit me!” in the middle of the street as Batman races towards him on the newly revealed Bat-pod. It is one of the best action scenes in any superhero film by far.



Photo Credit: Batman Interrogates Joker- The Dark Knight (2008)-

“You..complete, me…” No scene has nailed Batman and the Joker better than this one. Joker has plans for the dark knight, but not after taking a few punches, which Ledger actually told Bale to deliver. Their chemistry in this scene is unbelievable and it is easily the best scene in the already classic film. But will Chris Nolan top it this weekend? We’ll find out tomorrow…




Agree with our favorite moments? Have some ideas of your own? Sound off below!

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