The 5 Best Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis Movies

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Hey, know what movie coming out this weekend looks awesome? Looper. The Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis starring sci-fi action romp is getting great reviews and is surrounded by buzz. So needless to say we are a little excited. And what do we do when we are excited? A countdown list! Since we love the stars of Looper so much now is the perfect time to look at all of their great work from the past. Let us know how we did in the comments!



Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Photo Credit: Mysterious Skin (2004)-

Gone was the cute little kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun. Here Gordon-Levitt played a gay male prostitute! This disturbing look at what makes us sexually active is not only ambitious in its subject manner but also in what it allows on screen. It was a darker, edgier Brokeback Mountain before there was Brokeback Mountain. Sadly, Gordon-Levitt’s acting chops here are barely remembered, but that is largely because of the other four films on this list.


Photo Credit: 50/50 (2011)-

A cancer comedy? How does that work? Well when you have Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen as your two leads with pitch perfect chemistry amazing things can happen. We get a man forced to face his own mortality, played wonderfully by the reason this list exists. The best scene? A high Joseph Gordon-Levitt walks past a dead body being pushed on a hospital bed, and laughs.



Photo Credit: Inception (2010)-

It is hard to deny that Christopher Nolan is a genius. Inception is basically a James Bond movie set inside our dreams with Leonardo DiCaprio as Bond. Gordon-Levitt has a nice role to play though. Not only does he provide a hefty portion of the film’s comic relief, but he gets the best fight in the movie: the rotating hallway. How can you not love your job when you get to do that and kiss Ellen Page for the same movie?!


Photo Credit: (500) Days of Summer (2009)-

I have a theory about why men struggle with romantic comedies. Most of them have female protagonists and therefore the plot plays out from a female perspective. But here is something different, a romantic comedy from the male perspective. Boy is it accurate too. The scene with the side by side of our hero’s expectations vs. reality is one of the most scarily personal things I have seen in a film. This movie is filled with these moments (the wink from Han Solo…) and it works because Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives such a genuine and commanding performance.


Photo Credit: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)-

The most important message from this film is that anyone can be hero. Anyone can be Batman is what Bruce Wayne tells Gordon-Levitt’s character John Blake. Little did we know that (SPOILER ALERT) his legal name was Robin. Nolan and Gordon-Levitt together brought us the best live action representation of the Boy Wonder ever. The series could not have had a better ending as Bruce Wayne sits in Italy, finally happy, meanwhile Blake is ready to take over protecting Gotham City. Brilliant.



Bruce Willis:

Photo Credit: Twelve Monkeys (1995)-

Looper isn’t Bruce Willis’ first foray into time travel. This mid ’90s cult classic directed by Terry Gilliam had everything. A dystopian future. Crazy time travel rules. Brad Pitt. But naturally it is Willis who ground the whole thing. It all makes for one of the best and most well thought out movies about time travel ever.



Photo Credit: Sin City (2005)-

Modern film noir hardly exists except for this little gem based on the comic book by Frank Miller. Containing an all-star cast, Robert Rodriguez’s over-the-top action flick is still one of the few films that actually feels like a comic book. Willis makes for a perfect noir hero, narrating his world with just enough hard-boiled nonsense and badassery. Hopefully we will see him in the sequel that is finally being made.



Photo Credit: Pulp Fiction (1994)-

Ever want to see Bruce Willis wield a samurai sword? Well about halfway through Quentin Tarantino’s early classic you will get your wish. Willis plays a boxer who finds himself in a bit of trouble. And then more trouble. By this point, Tarantino wasn’t a staple like he is today, making this film positively groundbreaking. The way the stories are told are still something many have tried to copy but that only Tarantino himself can perfect.


Photo Credit: Die Hard (1988)-

John McClane is still perhaps Bruce Willis’ most know and beloved role. Die Hard is simply one of the action genre’s greatest films. Featuring witty dialogue, a fun performance from Willis, and more than enough gun fights, this is easily one of the most fun films ever made. So quotable (Yippe Ki Ya mother f—–). Plus who can forget Alan Rickman as the film’s villain?



Photo Credit: The Sixth Sense (1999)-

Say what you will about M. Night Shyamalan now, but this movie is just plain fantastic. Bruce Willis gives the best performances of his career. The movie feels so real, despite its supernatural elements. Featuring great performances all around, this is one of the best horror films ever made mostly because it transcends the genre and becomes something more. Plus it has one of the greatest twists in cinema history.



Agree with our picks? Excited to see Looper this weekend? Sound off below!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Matt, how about the Jackel for Bruce Willis. He was so cold hearted. I love the scene where he shoots the girl in the liver and wipes her blood on her face. It was like he had ice water in his veins.I also like the way he shoots up Jack Black.”hold up the pack of cigerettes” I thought his portrayl of the character was better than Sin City.

    What do you think?

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