The Filtered Forecast: Apr. 21 – 27th

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It’s the last week before summer at the movies. That’s right, a week from Friday, Iron Man 3 will hit theaters. But that’s next week’s forecast. This week we have a couple hot home video releases, an adrenaline fueled trip to the movies, and some great TV. Here’s what not to miss this week:




Photo Credit: Mad Men

Last week’s episode more than made up for the overlong premiere. Pete is starting to get what’s coming to him while Peggy is forced to ruthlessly compete with her old employers for Heinz beans. Also how long can Don keep this affair up? Will we get all the answers this week? Of course not, but the last episode proved that the show is as good as ever and that will hopefully continue. (Sunday at 10 pm on AMC)


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Just after roaring into theaters earlier this month, Universal now has the 3D Blu ray for you to take home. And if it’s anything like it was in theaters, this could be worth picking up. Jurassic Park was a 3D conversion that worked really well by mixing depth with the occasional pop out scare. (In stores Tuesday)



Photo Credit: Pain & Gain

Based on the previews, this isn’t your typical Michael Bay movie. That doesn’t mean it necessarily looks good (because it doesn’t), but this movie could be worth your time for other reasons. Bad movie night? But the thing is, Bay seems in on the joke, which could make this something really worth watching at least once. (In theaters Friday)



Photo Credit: Arrow

The CW’s best show returns after a short break for the final stretch of the season. This week’s episode deals with Diggle trying to hunt down Deadshot. As one of the few recurring villains this season, Deadshot has been a major part of the ever building mythology on Arrow, something that has really put it in its own as of late. (Wednesday at 8 pm on the CW)


Photo Credit: The Impossible on Blu ray-

One of the underplayed, but also best films of 2012 is finally coming home this week. Following a family trying to survive the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, this film featured several of the best performances of the year and the single best special effects sequence of the year. It’s magnificently powerful and a must own. (In stores Tuesday)



Let us know what you’re looking forward to the most this week below!

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