The Filtered Forecast: Apr. 28 – May 4

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Welcome to summer movie season! Coincidentally, that also means season finales are starting. We’ve got one of each for you this week, along with an indie, a show that’s going out longer than expected, and one of the last Oscar movies trickling on home. Here’s what not to miss this week.



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All three episodes left will at least cover an hour long time slot, with the finale possibly being even longer (maybe they should have developed some of the plot over the course of the season…). But I can’t complain. The end of the last episode provided the best Jim and Pam moment of the last two, maybe even three season. They’ve had a rough time and it isn’t over yet. But when the documentary crew stops filming, they will be together. I’m glad to have a chance to revel in that for three weeks. (Thursday at 8:30 pm on NBC)


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This indie release sees Michael Shannon playing ruthless mob hit man Richard Kuklinski, the real life serial killer who claimed to kill over 250 people between the 1940s and 1980s. The film also stars Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, James Franco, and Ray Liotta. Reviews thus far have been lukewarm, but if you need to see Shannon sinister before June 14 (Man of Steel!), this could be the movie for you. (In select theaters Friday)


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It may not have been the best movie of 2012, but it was certainly the one we were all rooting for at the Oscars. Rom-coms are hard to make original, yet David O. Russell flawlessly intertwined dark humor and poignant romance to make an instant classic. This is the When Harry Met Sally of the 2010s, featuring two leads with unbeatable chemistry. And now you can own it. (In stores Tuesday)


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Typically around season five, comedies tend to lose a bit of their touch. Either Parks and Rec. is still too good to notice any dip in quality or it just hasn’t seen one. No, the fifth season hasn’t been as strong as season four. But to be honest, I can’t think of a sitcom that has reached that level of raw emotion and smart humor in the last decade. Bring on season six. (Thursday at 9:30 on NBC)


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Have you been following the Tomatometer on this? As I write this it has the same score as both the original Iron Man and The Avengers. Damn. It appears Marvel is rolling out Phase 2 in style. In the third entry, which sees Shane Black taking over for Jon Favreau as director, Tony Stark will finally face off against his comic book nemesis, The Mandarin. And who better to play him than Ben Kingsley? Summer 2013 is here, and there is no better way to celebrate than our favorite superhero, playboy, philanthropist. (In theaters Friday)


What are you most excited to see this week? Is it anything other than Iron Man 3? It shouldn’t be, but tell us anyway in the comments!

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