The Filtered Forecast: Apr. 7 – 13th

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A lot of good TV coming up this week. Also, a couple interesting movie releases. Here’s what not to miss this week.






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It’s been seven years since the last installment of the horror parody franchise hit theaters. By this point you should know what you’re getting into if you want to see the fifth one. This entry will take on Paranormal ActivityMamaInception, Charlie Sheen, and plenty more. (In theaters Friday)



Photo Credit: The Office

Only five episodes remain for NBC’s veteran series. Last week’s had the employees watching previews for the documentary being made about them for almost a decade. Watching them react to the things the cameras caught were pretty hysterical. This new meta Office really has its moments and expect those to continue as we inch closer to the finale. (Thursday at 9pm on NBC)


Photo Credit: Game of Thrones

Last week’s premiere appears to have had a pretty divisive reaction (I loved it but I saw a lot of tweets that included the word “meh”). One of the reasons was the lack of certain characters. Well this week looks to bring Arya and Bran right back into the thick of things. Arya was certainly a highlight of last season so it’ll be great to catch back up with our favorite Stark child (sorry Robb, Bran, Sansa, but Arya is younger than you and way more badass). (Sunday at 9pm on HBO)


Photo Credit: 42

Ah, spring is (finally!) in the air, and that means one thing for sports fans, baseball! Hollywood took note of that in 2013 and has a Jackie Robinson biopic coming our way. Coming from Brian Helgeland, the writer of Mystic River and L.A. Confidential, this baseball film chronicles the first African American player in the league. Perhaps the best part, Harrison Ford co-stars. (In theaters Friday)


Photo Credit: Mad Men

Prepare you favorite cocktail (AMC can help you) and sit back for the two hour season six premiere of Mad Men. Matthew Weiner likes to keep things a secret so all we really know (besides all the press about Jon Hamm’s ham) is that Don and Megan will be vacationing in Hawaii. Hopefully Peggy will show up for at least a little after leaving SCDP last season. Hopefully Roger has some classic lines for us. Hopefully Pete gets punched in the face. Again. Ah, the world is just a better, happier place when Mad Men is on. (Sunday at 9pm on AMC)


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