The Filtered Forecast: Feb. 17 – 23rd

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This intermission between awards shows feels like a marathon rather than a sprint. But at least we have a lot of good TV and some DVDs coming out to tide us over. This week’s Filtered Forecast features a big Oscar contender heading to home media, a huge episode for one of the best leading ladies on TV, and an annual tradition at your local movie theater. Here’s what not to miss this week.



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Ahsoka is in the criminal underworld of Coruscant. Ventress returns after nearly a full season of absence. Another Hitchcock themed episode title. The creators promised to go out with a bang this season and they weren’t messing around. Could this be the end of the future Darth Vader’s padawan? With two episodes left don’t expect things to slow down this week. (Saturday at 9:30 am on Cartoon Network)



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One of the best movies of 2012 is coming home this week just in time for the Oscars. Ben Affleck’s political thriller has picked up a ton of steam at various awards shows since the Academy left him off the Best Director list. But can it beat out Lincoln? Make your own decision by watching it this week, either again or for the first time. (In stores Tuesday)



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This week we get not one, but two episodes of TV’s warmest comedy. It also appears we’ll be getting the wedding of Leslie and Ben, one of the best couples on the tube right now. I personally think it’s a fake out, but hey, remember Andy and April’s wedding? Yeah, it was perfect, so maybe a surprise wedding way ahead of schedule is just the thing this show does. I’m not complaining. (Thursday at 8:30 on NBC)



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Relive the epic second season of HBO’s fantasy series, including the Battle of Blackwater, in this Blu-ray set. The first season is considered one of the best Blu-ray transfers ever and I doubt the second season will disappoint. Season three doesn’t premiere for another month and a half but this is the perfect thing to tide you over. (In stores Tuesday)



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Okay, so this may have started yesterday, but you can still catch all nine films next Saturday for only $60. It’s the perfect chance to see all the films you might have missed. Like Amour. Because no one has seen Amour. But you all should, it’s really quite incredible. (In theaters Saturday)



What will you be doing in the entertainment world this week? Let us know below!

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