The Filtered Forecast: Jan. 20-26th

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Welcome to The Filtered Forecast! We are going to start giving you the five things we are looking forward to most in the upcoming week every Sunday. This week, we could see some of the first big movies of the year hitting theaters. NBC is also experiencing the end of an era, much like the patients of Briarcliff could be. Check out our first five items below!



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HBO’s Golden Globe winning comedy came roaring back last Sunday with a great premiere that left us crying for more. How might Hannah mess things up with Sandy? Did Marnie really just “sleep” in Charlie’s bed? Can Shoshanna and Ray really be an item? But the thing we’re most excited about in the second episode, titled I Get Ideas, is finally catching up with Jessa after her surprise wedding. (Sunday 9 pm, HBO)



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Need a break from Oscar films? We have just the movie for you. With all the absurd updates on classic fairy tales and fables (looking at you Snow White and the Huntsman), here’s one that doesn’t appear to be taking itself too seriously. Jeremy Renner stars in the action flick that promises to have blood squirting at you in eye-popping 3D. (In theaters Friday)



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NBC may have struggles in the ratings for most of a decade, but their Thursday night comedy line-up won over critics from the start. And this week marks the last time 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Office will all be on the same night. Shed a tear for one of the best comedy blocks in television history. All three shows sound great this week too. Liz finally becomes a mother while TGS faces cancelation on 30 Rock. Ron Swanson babysits on Parks and Rec. And we get our introduction to the documentary crew on The Office. (Thursday 8-9:30pm, NBC)


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Blood and gore isn’t your thing? Are big celebrities acting crazy? Skip Hansel & Gretel and instead go see this comedy that features just about every significant name in Hollywood right now doing little vignettes of comedy for your viewing pleasure. It looks like Hollywood’s biggest party. Come on, you know you want to attend. (In theaters Friday)



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It seems like it’s been on forever doesn’t it? This rollercoaster of a season featuring everything from demonic possession, a mad Nazi scientist, and loopy ’60s dance numbers comes to a close as several characters continue the fight to close Briarcliff. Creator Ryan Murphy says few will make it out alive and that everyone who has seen it has cried thus far. Those are some big words but the second season of the anthology series has become the most unpredictable thing on TV. Anything is possible. (Wednesday 10 pm, FX)



Anything you are really excited about this week? Tell us below!

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