The Filtered Forecast: Jan. 27-Feb. 2nd

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Welcome to another week of The Filtered Forecast! As January turns to February we have some great stuff for you to look out for this week. As one NBC comedy begins to say its well wishes, another will leave us forever. We’ve also got another another awards show as well as zombies and Sith. Here are the five things not to miss this week.



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After the shocking reveal at the end the last episode, we can’t wait for whatever comes next. And NBC plans to deliver as we are getting two brand new episodes this week! Hopefully at least one of them will dive deeper into the surprise twist from Customer Loyalty. I can’t imagine things getting much better for Pam before the finale. (Thursday at 9 pm on NBC)



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The board is set on Mandalore for an explosive war between Obi Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul. Things got pretty hairy at the end of the last episode, and from the trailers we know one thing that’s coming. Darth Sidious will face off against his former apprentice and his brother in what is sure to be the most interesting episode of Maury yet. The next episode has potential to be the best ever. (Saturday at 9:30 am on Cartoon Network)



Photo Credit: The 19th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards-

The Oscars are still a good month away and the Golden Globes are already far in the past. What will tide us awards junkies over? The SAG Awards should do it. Featuring some off the wall nominees, this could be where Javier Bardem gets recognized for Skyfall, or the cast of The Office for best ensemble. (Sunday at 8 pm on TBS)



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Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes this zombie romantic comedy. For couples into that kind of thing, it should be the perfect night out. The jokes look funny and with rising star Nicholas Hoult as the lead, it is sure to have more than enough charm. Plus it’s from the director of 50/50, which you know you loved. (In theaters Friday)



Photo Credit: 30 Rock Series Finale-

After seven years of comedic madness, 30 Rock comes airs its final episode this week. With Liz becoming a mom, Jack taking over Kabeltown, and Kenneth taking over NBC, the series is wrapping up everyone’s stories in a way that everyone should be pleased. If it’s anything like this stellar farewell season, 30 Rock will go out with the bang it deserves. (Thursday at 8 pm on NBC)



What are you most excited to watch this week? Tell us below!


By Matt Dougherty






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