The Filtered Forecast: Mar. 3 – 9th

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With awards season over and done with, there’s a lot more room for more pure, escapist entertainment on the Filtered Forecast. This week we have a home video release for the kids, an eagerly awaited prequel coming to theaters, the long awaited meeting between a character and his father on TV, and more. Here’s what not to miss this week.



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I know, it’s on here every week. But remember how great Hannah’s parents were last season? Well this week’s episode brings them back after we got  short cameo from them last week. Meanwhile, Adam gets set up on a date and Marnie gets some interesting news about Charlie. When there’s only ten episodes in a season, each one of them is likely going to be significant. (Sunday at 9 pm on HBO)


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The animated hit which gives video games their own Toy Story is coming home for your viewing pleasure. Featuring gorgeous animation this should be a “must own” for any family’s blu-ray collection. Sadly, the film lost to Brave at the Academy Awards, but don’t be fooled! This was the best animated movie of 2012. (In stores Tuesday)



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We rarely cover video games on here but the Mass Effect trilogy is different. Featuring the best storytelling and characters in any video game series ever, BioWare is choosing to close out the story exactly a year after the release of the third game with one final downloadable content release. The story supposedly gives you, as Shepard, your final chance to interact with all your favorite characters when a conspiracy against you is revealed. (On Xbox Live and Playstation Network Tuesday)


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Want to meet Jeff Winger’s father? The time has come for the family meeting we’ve been waiting for since everyone stepped foot into Greendale. Played by James Brolin, Papa Winger is forced to have Thanksgiving dinner with his son (since NBC delayed the premiere in the fall, all the holidays are coming up now). This could be exactly what the struggling comedy needs to find its footing under the new leadership. (Thursday at 8 pm on NBC)


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If you’ve been to a movie in the last eight months or turned on your TV since the new year, you have to know about this movie. Sam Raimi’s prequel to The Wizard of Oz stars James Franco as the potential wizard and Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams as the three witches. The trailers all promise an effects laden ride through the mystical land of Oz. Can you ask for more? (In theaters Friday)


What will you be watching this week? Let us know below!

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