The Filtered Forecast: May 5 – 11th

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Seasons are winding down as blockbusters are winding up. May is always a great month for entertainment, and that continues this week. Here’s what not to miss.





Photo Credit: Arrow

This show has seriously become impressive. With two episodes left, the board is set for one crazy end to the season. Over the course of 21 episodes, Arrow has gone from dull, to entertaining, to one of the best dramas on TV. Malcolm Merlyn has plans for Starling City, and its up to Oliver to stop him before a a massive amount of people are killed. This is what superhero television is meant to be like. (Wednesday at 8 pm on the CW)


Photo Credit: Mad Men

Last week’s episode covering the MLK assassination was one of the best episodes the series has ever produced. Not only for the historical context but for showing us perhaps the darkest aspect of who Don Draper is yet, and then immediately bringing him into the light. At least a little bit. Going forward, we know very little, of course. But, MLK died in April 4, 1968. Robert F. Kennedy dies June 6, 1968. (Sunday at 10 pm on AMC)


Photo Credit: The Office

After a tumultuous final season, both in terms of plot and quality, NBC’s veteran comedy hit its stride this past week when it brought Jim back to Scranton, got rid of Andy, and made Dwight manager (with Jim as his Assistant to the Regional Manager of course). With only two episodes left, both an hour, expect only the best as the folks at Dunder Mifflin appear to be going out in style. (Thursday at 9 pm on NBC)


Photo Credit: Community Season Finale-

Whether you have loved or hated the Harmon-less fourth season you have to agree that this is still an interesting show to follow. The finale this week sees Chang teaming with City College to destroy Greendale forever. It also marks the end of Chevy Chase’s run on the series. But will it mark the end of the show forever? That’s for NBC to decide. (Thursday at 8 pm on NBC)



Photo Credit: The Great Gatsby

People seem so divided on this thing. Some love the music. Some criticize the style. The cast sparks much of the debate. Well this week we get to find out just what the hell kind of mark Baz Luhrmann is going to leave on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s brilliant novel. I personally think DiCaprio has potential to be a great Gatsby (heh) but Carey Mulligan as Daisy doesn’t seem like it’ll work. But this is one of the most talked about films of the year so far. We can only find out if the conversation will continue by going to the theater this weekend. (In theaters Friday)


What are you most excited to watch this week? Tell us below!

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