The First ‘Skyfall’ Trailer Hits!

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The new 007 movie has been kept pretty close to the chest since its production started. The first trailer for the film is no different.

It starts by forcing us to ask the question “what is Skyfall?”. Without giving us anything else to really chew on the trailer just shows some random, although pretty, shots of action. Naturally with Sam Mendes behind the helm Skyfall could stylistically be the best James Bond film to date.

But with no plot direction and no real action kicker, this trailer kind of reminds me of the clip from The Hunger Games they brought out about a year ago and called a trailer. Great trailer make us excited without giving the plot away. This teases us but only on the most basic level. Now as we all know, The Hunger Games eventually got some pretty awesome trailers and I am sure Skyfall will too, but for now this seems kind of pointless. The 23rd James Bond film hits theaters November 8th.

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